Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. Oh and make that bleh as well.

"Uhmmmm, mom doesn't feel good and we're keeping her out of the kitchen 'cus her tummy's upset.  In fact, we won't even go in her bedroom because WE don't want our tummies to be upset.  But mommy still managed to get up the two special Hanukkah cards up.
She said for us to ask anyone who sees
a mistake to let her know about it."

"Mom's got more stuff to put up in Winter Holidays but she also wants to get up stuff in Breast Cancer Awareness.  So she'll probably do the two special Kwanzaa cards & a couple of Santa cards, then some more BCA cards before finishing the Winter Holiday stuff.
Mom needs to make her own appointment.
She got her reminder card in the mail!"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Holiday Card Update...

I just finished getting 6 general holiday cards up!  Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas cards will be up later [are up now! See Winter Holiday Section!] and don't forget Halloween!!  (I know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde would appreciate the Christmas money... well... unless we have to buy a new dryer first!)

one of my personal favorites and then Halloween...

another favorite!  muahahahahahahaha!

Off The Table!!!

"I had nothing to do with it!!  Really!
It was a cat who just looked like me!!"

That's right, rather than the Usual Suspect, Thomas, Zaphoid Beeblebrox was found On The Table last night.  "Off the the table" did not work.  "Zaphy!  Get off of the table!!"  did not work.
"Zaphoid Beeblebrox!!" did not work.
I finally had to use "Tu das nicht!!" before he leisurely back at me, gently hopped off onto the chair, and then onto the floor,
sauntering off as though nothing had happened at all.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To the Many Companions Who Have Crossed the Bridge Lately

These do link to the cards, but the images are dedicated to everyone who has lost a furfriend.  There have been far far too many lately.  They touch our hearts, shower us with love, and fill us with joy.  May the memories of love outweigh the grief of loss.

With many purrs and prayers,
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde
Sir Thomas of Snuggle
Zaphoid Beeblebrox
StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty
Mister Kitten

and those who have crossed before

Audrey Catburn
Christopher T Cat
Nicodemus aka Thief Cat
Dracona the Gate Keeper
Quigley the Demon Dust Bunny Hunter
and countless others who have touched our lives


Monday, September 27, 2010

Who We Sat on... uh... ummm... What We Did This Weekend...

"First we did this..."
"No, really.  All weekend long!!  Corwyn was at his dad's house.  Dale was at Music in the Mountain.  Mom & Jennifer were stuck in bed all weekend, mainly with mom massaging Jen's sore legs.  We got hardly any attention at all!!!  ummmm Not even at the neighbors! 
[mom, don't believe a word they say!]

"Star is looking much more better"

"Meanwhile the rest of us read.  Reading is good."

"We'll see you later!!  We're all exhausted!!"

Friday, September 24, 2010

There's a Star on the Shed!!

This morning we were all running late.  Why??  Because Jennifer decided to sleep downstairs with me on Dale's side of the bed.  When the alarm went off she turned on the light and hit a button.  Now, silly me, I assumed she had hit the 'snooze' button.  Au contraire!  She had turned it off!!  Thus we woke up at 0715!!  Now, you must understand that the kids need to be at the bus stop by 0725.  Neither of them are Larks.  Both of them are Owls.  So there was nothing for it but that I take them to school.  Not something I really wanted to do given how I've been feeling but being tardy would have been worse.  We did stop at the local Krogers (just around the corner and almost on the way) so that Jennifer could pick up a lunch since we were out of ham.  Got to school at Whew!!

I stopped back by Krogers on the way home to get some gas since my van was on... fumes.  I pulled into the driveway and as I got out of the van, the neighbor helpfully pointed out, "Star's on top of the shed.  I don't think he can get down.  ::head:laptop::  Poor pitiful Star!!  I pulled over a chair to see if I could reach him, as our ladder is still at my mom's house in Nashvegas.  Almost!!  But he refused to come over the slope within reach of my hands.  Nothing else was taller that I could step on safely.  My neighbor queried about my success and I said that I needed a ladder.  She said that she might have one in her garage, put her dog in the house, and proceeded to look.  Just before she got to the garage, Star made a Mighty Leap!!  I called out, "Never mind!  He's down now!"  I guess it just took the threat, either that or he was worried about me climbing the ladder!!  Mister Kitten and Star came docilely inside whilst Thomas decided at the last minute he didn't really want to go in the back door.  ::rolls eyes::  At the moment there are no members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitten Horde to be seen!  Guess no one wants morning treats!

 "Well?  What did you expect mom??  I am a Ninja after all!!"

Actually, I can, but....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shhhhhhhhh! We's Trying to Get Mom to Sleep

"Dad has gone to Music in the Mountains in AK.  Mom would have gone but we sat on her.  I mean really.  She's not only had a bad  week but who on earth would feed us and water us and and and..."

He's right.  I don't even know what day it is.  Which would explain why I missed the massage class... not that I was in any shape to stay anyway.  Flop Cat aka Mister Kitten sat on me for a loooooooong time.  I need sleep.  And kittens who will both do homework on time and turn it in.  ::sigh::

"I can keep an eye on 'em mom!!"

"I'll give them the lecture mom!"

"And I'll help lay on you and make sure you don't get up!!"

"Us??  Ummmm... uhhhh... noooo... not us!!"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yesterday Was Busy!!

First I went to the pain clinic.  A week early.  ::head:laptop::  Which actually didn't turn out too bad because I was able to ask them about getting an Allegra prescription for the itching I've had since switching from Lyrica to Keppra.  They didn't do that but I called my pcp and by luck they had a 1300 appointment (the first appointment that isn't until next week was at 1145) so I hung out in the parking lot talking with my mom.  I didn't see my pcp but a doctor who is helping out and will fill in for her when she takes a vacation next month.  We talked about a concern so I got an ekg & chest x-ray, all good!  I just heard from the office & have an neuro appointment at Vandy early in the morning which works well since I have a near lunchtime appointment with my pdoc.  Whoot!  I thought my daughter had a make-up test that afternoon so I went straight to the school, calling just as the bell rang, hoping to catch my son before he got on the bus (both kids hate & loathe the bus but I don't have the energy to pick them up everyday).  It turned out that she didn't have a test so we all went to get flu shots and then home again, home again, jiggity jig!!

"I am soooo glad that mom finally let me out!!  My bumps have gotten smaller and are going away.  I told her I just needed to get outside!!  I'm back to sleeping on the bed at dad's feet but I'm not really getting up close to mom, even for treats!  I don't think she's going to pill me again but I'm going to take any chances for awhile."

"Well, not only do we have Pernicious Fleas, but I'm having to take Hairball Remedy!!  Okay, okay, it actually doesn't taste bad at all.  And I just hate hairballs!!!

"My Feeder and I enjoyed watching the NCIS premiere last night!!
I'm also glad he got his flu shot.  Do you think it will make the Pernicious Fleas go away??"

Thomas says, "This is one of my bestest friends who was the second or third members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  His name was Nicodemus the Evile Anti-Koala, aka Thief Cat.  Whenever mom & our ex-dad moved they would find stashes of the things Nicky would take and hide.  He also really liked crackers (but especially saltines).  If mom or our ex-dad left them on the table, Nicky would hunt them.  He'd sneak up (we are Ninjas after all!) and then grab a cracker, swoosh!  Then he'd got to a corner and nibble on the cracker just like a squirrel!!  Nibbling round and round until it was allllllll gone.  Mom says he had more Burmese blood in him than Siamese.  Nicky crossed the bridge in our last house purring on her chest.  We all came up to say good-bye and gave him purrs, head butts, & grooming and made sure the house was quiet for him."

"There are lots of poses of this but I  like this one.
It makes me think of teenage kittens."

PS - Please keep sending purrs & prayers for Bruce my ex's cat.  Also, he has three interviews this week.  We are all crossing our paws!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The On-going Debate

Star's lump has gotten much much smaller so the consensus is that we wait a bit given the money situation.  I let him go outside today because a) he's finished his antibiotics (actually ate it out of Jen's hand last night, left one treat to have after it) and b) he's been jonesing so bad!  He's starting to sleep on the bed again at night but won't come up to me or eat treats out of my hand.  He has let me pet and love on him though.

"Halp!  Mom's been keeping me prisoner!!
And my fur hasn't grown back in yet!"

I came up with this one based on the rules for my own kittens!  ::grin::
"This message has been approved by Zaphy"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Okay, ignore calendar on the poll...

My daughter insisted that I make the drawing calendar this weekend.

links to the calendar page showing both designs (three types)

Poll... What Should We Work On??

"Okay, we've been helping mom with the shop and we need to know what to make mom work on next.  Of course we have to make sure she doesn't work very long because it makes her hurt.  Last night I kept sitting on her mouse which made her mad.  HAHA!  I am the bestest at doing it because I weigh way way way way more much than anyone else in the Ninja Horde.  ::purrrrrrrrrrrrr::  Star is still avoiding the bed because he's mad at mommy for pilling him.  He's actually gotten up on the bed today for the first time in days."

"I'm helping by conserving energy.  Conserving energy is very important to keep the world green.  No, really!!"

generic holiday stuff... heh heh heh

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mommy is Worried.

"Mom is still worried about me.  My bottom spot feels good but the top spot is still a bit worrisome.  And she got bad ne-ows yesterday from the disability people.  They turned mom down so she'll have to appeal.  ::sigh::  And mom's kitten's dad is still looking for a job.  If I still don't look good by Monday mom will have to call the vet again which will mean putting it on the card.  Jefner stayed home instead of going to visit her daddy this weekend because of something called 'homework'.  But I haven't seen her clean anything!  All she's done is read things and type stuff.  But I did get some treats last night,
even if mom had to pill me again.  meh!"

"Hey!!  Why didn't you give me more treats last night?!?"
You were on the table, Thomas.
"But I liiiiiike the table!!"
::sigh:: "Yes, me-om"

::sigh:: "Mom is always saying this!"

Friday, September 17, 2010

Where Are My Serfs??

"I'll help clean the sink but that's it mom!"

"I can't help mom, I'm still recovering."

"I can lay on the bed while you try to make it!"

"I'm quite competent at supervising washing the floor.
But I'm afraid I'm not very good with a mob."

Hmmmm, I guess I can't get the cats to help with the housework.

Boy, Did I Fubar That One!!

I was planning to move the Breast Cancer Awareness into it's own section.  ::head:laptop::  I got it moved and then accidentally erased it.  gah!  This means that I have to put it back in bit by bit.  Ergo, I'll be working on that first.  However, they finally got the 2011 calendars up!!  blah.

Star seems to be doing better.  There aren't large bumps anymore.  OTOH I haven't seen any pus come out.  On one hand, he seems to be feeling better, he's been taking his antibiotics.  On the other hand, I'm not sure if he needs to see the vet again, especially since we can't afford it (BTW thanks again to everyone who contributed!!  Your contributions got us to within ~$1 of Star's bill!!).  He's still sleeping a lot.  If I could find a working camera I'd take some new pictures, but of course, it's gone missing!!  What a week!!  I've had one teacher for each kid get in touch with me about things they need to do to keep from getting Fs for the first six weeks.  And, once again, it's not that they haven't done the work, they just haven't turned it in.  Gah!!  I need a vacation!  At any rate, today I'll leave you with one of my favorite Breast Cancer Awareness graphics, which will probably be going up in the store some time today.

Which reminds me, I should make some of the long bumper stickers.  Oh!  Did you know that the rectangular & oval stickers are made out of the same material as the bumper stickers??  I think that is soooo cool.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Growling!!

"Now you can all see what a good, sweeeeet, adorrrrrrrable kitty
I am.  No, really.  I never ever do anything wrong, like... oh...
say... jumping on the table, scratching things up, spraying on
daddy's musical equipment, not letting mommy clip my nails,
or anything else.  But last night I let Jennifer put the lavender compress on me (okay, I didn't like it today).  And last night
when mommy tried to see if I'd take my pill by myself by putting
it in with my treats, I did!!   I really am such such a Good Boy!!  
All that growling wasn't me... it was Thomas.  No, really!!"

Well, I slept forever but now that I'm up I'm going to try to do some more work on Winter Holidays.  The store only holds 500 sections.  This is why I'm having to take things down in order to put things up.  ::sigh::  I'm going to pull out the Breast Cancer section into it's own section out from the Medical Expressions.  I just wish it didn't take so long to do this stuff!!  Oh, and I'm having a heck of a time trying to tell if he's still got hard pus still there or not.  ::sigh::  I really can't afford another trip to the vet Friday but it looks like I may have to since nothing has come out.  meh.


Actually, this is true.  I started doing this even before I married my current husband who is diabetic.  The kids come running up going 'This is the house where they give toys!!    I make sure to have special toys for the children who are under three, like plastic cups they can chew on or wrapped healthy snacks.
I get most of my at after-holiday sales or from Oriental Trading.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whew!! Something That Worked!!

I have a lavender headache/sleep/etcetera filled thing that you can heat up.  So this afternoon Jennifer and I implemented a Plan.  She heated it for 10 seconds in the microwave and then 10 more and another 10 until it felt comfortably warm.  Star had been hanging out beside her on the floor so she sat down beside him and explained that if he wanted to get better enough to go outside he really really needed to put the heat pack  on and leave it there for at least five minutes.

"Come on mom, give me a break!!  I may yell at you and try to get away but I always take those yucky icky pills!! (at least they're only once a day and not those syringe things... blech!!)  But I was clever and managed to go out! yesterday by going invisible.  heh heh heh  Mom always catches me.  ::sigh::  I think I made mom worried though, she sat outside until I came back in... well maybe, because her hand smelled suspiciously like chicken.  Harumph!!
If I'd been inside I bet I would have gotten some!!"

Well, Star, if you wouldn't go invisible or walk through walls,
you would have gotten some chicken!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ehhhh, Not So Much...

"First of all, me-om still won't let me outside.  She's even closed the window during the day and keeps me locked up in her room at night!!  I am soooooo mad. She put a warm wrung-out washcloth on my spots where the vet cut my fur off and that felt okay yesterday.  But then she wanted to do it again!!  Neeee-oooooowwwwwwww!!!!!  This is an affront to the dignity of cats everywhere."

Riiiiiiight.  Hate to tell you kidoski but you will be getting heat of some kind (if I can just figure out how!) until that pus softens up!  I would have recognized the big one as a bite if it hadn't been so hard and come up so fast.  I've run across bites before and had to do the "Bad cat! What have you been doing?!"  And taking care since cats heal from the outside in.  He's had one antibiotic already and that seems to make him think he's all fine now.  Silly kitty!  Now that the internet is up again though I'm sure that he'll be helping with the Winter Holiday section.  We don't have the cards in yet and I'll probably wait on those unless someone needs them sooner than I get them up.  I'm still peering at Cafepress waiting for the 2011 calendars to be ready because I've got two calendars to go up.  One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & one of my drawings.  I should be hearing from disability soon (first time around is usually 80% no) and I'm still knocking wood that my ex will find a new job soon.  Whew!!  Life has been interesting around here!  Especially with the Pernicious Fleas showing back up!

Star - "blech!  I hate Pernicious Fleas!"
Mr. Kitten - "I hates them more."
Star - "Heh, but at least I'm svelte & can scratch faster."
Mr. Kitten - "Get back here!!!"
Star - "Look!  Mom got the Mistletoe Cat up!"

Thomas - "I like this one too."

PS We want to thank our wonderful vet again.  They called us up this morning to check on Star, see how he was doing, remind us to bring him back in a week if he wasn't all better, and to feel free to call anytime we had any questions or concerns about him or the other kitties.  [I don't think it's just because they're prejudiced... every time we bring Da Boys in everyone on the staff comes out to squeeeeee over them... but after all, they are handsome boys!!]

Me-om!! You Can't Put Up THOSE Pictures!!

"Mean ole' mommy took me to the VET today!!  She put on my pretty black harness but i snucked it off in the car.  Hahahahaha!  But she just put my leash on my collar.  Mean old mommy.  The vet took me back to weigh me and take my temperature (blech!) and then they shaved my beautiful fur!!!  Mommy had looked to bite wounds when first noticed the bump, since that's a common reason for cat bumps but she didn't find any.  But boy did that vet!!  He said the pus was hard too!  Icky icky poo poo is what I say.  (Although I do like this vet office better than the other ones)"

"Me-ooooom!!  Did you have to put up this picture too???  I'll be taking antibiotics for the next 7 days.  The vet said he could give me a shot but it was more 'spensive".    Momma smiled and said pills are fine, I've been pilling cats for almost all my life.  [Zaphy's eyes widen, "Did you know mom's gonna be 50 next year??" "Stop interrupting me, I'm on a roll here."]  So I have to have a pill every day and something called heat packs.  bleck!  I bet mom won't let me outside either!!  And what's more, if I'm not better in a week, I have to go back!!  They didn't even have greenies for mommy to get for me.  Or pernicious flea stuff.  ::sigh::  Silly ole vet."

This is in the shop but I do need some advice from other Cat Moms & Dads.  The vet recommended head packs.  Has anyone actually had luck with this?  And if so, how?!  I've taken care of over 100 rescued cats in my life and never had to deal with this!!  (yeah, I'm pretty amazed as well!) 

So sorry this wasn't up yesterday!!  We're having internet problems!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Da Boys Are Looking After Star

"This is the bump mom is worried about.
No, that's not my shoulder, my shoulder is further down."

"Mom kept trying to take pictures to show it better.  Silly mommy!!  I'm going to hang out on the bed with my brothers....
well, I guess I'll let you give me a few treats."

"We want to thank everyone for their purrs, prayers, headbutts (and donations are really helping!!  we have enough now to pay the office visit fee and get greenies for Star) for our brother StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty.  His appointment tomorrow is at 9:30 and we'll do our best to let everyone know what the vet says.  We'd also like you to know that we are continuing to purr & prayer for everyone else as well (including the Feeders needing jobs).  Thanks and Bless You All."