Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tanis (still not eating, going home)

"I did not like being at the vet place
with the Dragons.  I did not eat there either.
So far as I know, my tests were all okay.
My mom came and took me home today!!
Yay!  No more Dragons."

 "The vet lady gave Tanis an appitite stimulent.
He still hasn't want to eat.  His mom took him home today.
She thought he would rather not eat at home then with the Dragons.
He was happy to be home!!  He's only weighing ~7# right now.
The vet lady said to bring him back Friday if he still isn't eating."

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde is sending out purrs
to all kittys and their Feeders who need them
and their Feeders are sending out prayers!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Purrrs for Tanis!!!

"Our brother Tanis lives with Sarah in Nashvegas. 
He hasn't been eating since Wednesday and today
daddy went up there to help her take him to the vet.
He got blood draw for all kinds of tests!!!
Fortunately most of them were good news.
His blood sugar was up a little bit but the
vet lady said that was probably due to stress.
He had some white blood cells, whatever those are,
that made her think he had an infection.
They won't get the thyroid test back until tomorrow."

"Tanis is not a people cat and he does not like getting into the
cat box that takes you to the vet (does anyone??).
But today he only hissed a little bit.
And he didn't really yell while he was in the car.
The vet lady is keeping him overnight at the vet place."

"Tanis is going to get antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids
[Zaphpoid -that's a good thing!]
and we'll know more tomorrow.
Of course the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde
will be sending him purrs (he used to live here with us!)
and our Feeders will be sending him prayers."


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slothful Sunday... Sorta

Zaphoid looks perturbed, "There is a woman
in the kitchen with dad putting paper on the floor!!!"

 "And part of the pear tree we love to climb
that daddy says is too close to the house
split in two (or maybe thirds) and fell onto the roof!!"

"Mom and some people next door have already
taken some of it down but mom said we'd need
someone with a chainsaw to get the rest of it down."

"I'm more worried about the fact that they put
our food in the front bathroom!!
At least they didn't put it into
the laundry room with our litterbox!!!"

"What was that they said??  I hope they are
going to end up with our food back in the kitchen!!"

"I need the number for the
National Association for the Abuse
of Siamese Mixed Cats Whose
Food is Put in Other Rooms??"

"Well, I'll just have to do it later.  I've got to do my nails!"
"Hands off my food!! etcetera"
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shhhhhh!!! Someone's Sleeping!!

Mister Kitten?  Are you asleep?

I've heard that sleeping makes your weight go down.

Wow!  How many cats can fall asleep doing yoga??

I know you're flexible, this makes... now wait!
You weigh 19 pounds now!!!

Tom likes to teach synchronized sleeping as well as graceful lounging.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Is It Friday Yet??

Last night there was a ninja cat in my bathroom.  No, really!!  A black cat on a black bathroom rug can not be see by the light of a nightlight.  He can, however be felt by the feet of someone used to stumbling upon cats in the night.  This was a good thing last night.  He also slept with me for a wee bit.  This morning Timmy was in the well again.  ::shakes head::  Zaphy and Thomas kept telling us about it.  Thomas was not inclined to let me know what he wanted so I finally escorted, ahem, him outside.  Odd, the moment I did he stopped complaining and perked up.  ::rolls eyes::

As for Zaphy, he wanted morning treats.  Well, and a nice place for a nap.  He kept nudge at the drapes on the window behind our bed.  He's never really been able to explore it before with the old waterbed frame.  But now we're using the pegged bed frame that my husband made for us to use in our medieval period tent.  He nudged and nudged and I gave in and pulled up the blinds.  He looked out for a minute, looked over at his window ledge, looked at the vastly smaller one on this ledge (which he could tell he wouldn't fit on!!) and decided to curl up behind my back.

Now the girlchild & I just have to get ready to go drive this afternoon for about an hour to pick up the boychild after his graduation from chess camp!

"Bushwah!  Do I look like a cat who would spend
his time camping out all night on a black rug?
Don't answer that!"

"Meom!!  Timmys in the well!!!"

"Meom!!  Meom!!  I swear!!  I swear!!
Timmys in the weeeeellllll!!!!!!"

"What??  I didn't say a word."
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thunder Thursday

Which may or may not explain the vagaries of the computer.  Zaphy is asleep on the window seat (this is a Good Thing™) and Star is coming up to Jennifer so that she can love on him.  No one knows where Mister Kitten or Thomas are although they made brief appearances to get morning treats.

[sung] How much for that Zaphy in the window...

Star often likes to bite the hands that feed him.

Mister Kitten got wet in the rain and came to Zaphoid to get dry.

Be on the lookout for this cat!!
Thomas is guilty of only showing up to have treats & pettings.
He is also guilty of trying to trip his mom!

Bumper Snicker!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can't Clean Without Serfs

Warning!  Warning!  Danger Will Robinson!!  If you don't like to clean, don't read this!!  Now you have to understand that I used to love to clean.  No, really!!  The cats would follow me around going "Mom??  Mom??  What are you doing??"  I would get down on my knees and scrub the kitchen floor with a scrub brush.  I made sure that my counters were clean every night (and shooed all the baby cats off of them!).  ::sigh::  But now, I can't do that.  My cats won't let me.

"I'm sorry mom, but you can't get up right now."

You see??  I'm trapped.  And when he gets down, he gets into my closet!!  I have to deal with that!!

Everyone is in on it.
It doesn't matter if I've put on shorts and just planned to exercise!!

"This is actually my favorite position to keep mom down
but for some reason she moves me after awhile.
She keeps saying something about how much I weigh.  ::sigh::"

Now if I could just get Da Boys to help me.  Hmmmm.  I mean really, Thomas is always all over.  Zaphy has several places he hangs out in when he's feeling fine, Mister Kitten could do the bed & the the floors, & Star could take care of vacuuming them the carpet as well as doing my office.  No, really!!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thomas!!! Bad Cat!

Okay boy, you'd better behave better today!!  It was bad enough that I started the day hurting from the fall I had the day before.  At least Zaphy-cat was feeling better, right?  Right.  He'd eaten a bowl of his softened food and later in the morning he told me he was hungry.  So silly me, since he didn't want it in the bathroom, I took it to the kitchen by the other food.  Oh yes!!  This was just what Zaphy wanted!  He began chowing down.  Now Thomas.  Remember Thomas?  We named this post Thomas.  Harumph!  Well, Thomas came over to see what Zaphy had and decided that whatever Zaphy had must be his.  ::narrows eyes::  Now, I was not happy about this.  Imagine that.  So I leaned over, bopped Thomas on the nose, and went, "Thomas!!"

 "Gosh mom, if it's in the food area, it's supposed to be mine, right??"

Thomas, knowing how much trouble he was in, went skitter scattering around and behind me and tore off like... like... well, like a cat whose momma has just swatted him on the nose!!  ::head:wall::  Unfortunately, Zaphoid had only taken two bites and... is a bit nervous.  Which isn't too surprising given that he's also known as Emo Kitty.  ::sigh::  So back went the dish to my master bath along with a new dish.  He hasn't touched either of them yet, but one never knows what a cat will do in the night.  Mister Kitten made himself seen this evening.  Star was about for a bit.  But that's not what this post is about.

 "Who me??  I've been playing panther this summer.
I must say that I look quite stunning in the middle of the lawn,
especially in the moonlight."

For you see, there was another... incident.  Now you have to understand something.  Thomas has been raised since he was a weaned kitten with me.  I have had bad knees since... forever.  So Thomas has been trained by me, my ex, my kids, and Christopher T. Cat Founder of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde to follow Sacred Rule Number One: Do NOT Wrap Around Mom's Feet When She's Moving!!  (and be careful when she's not!)  I'm sure by now that you've realized what happened.  ::sigh::  I was headed down the hall.  I saw Thomas right beside me.  He looked up right at me.  We've done this a gazillion times.  (No, really this time!)

"I don't suppose you happen to have any treats on you, do you?"

But this time, this time, this time, he wrapped himself around his feet as I was about to take a step!!!  THOMAS!!  He skittered and scattered and took himself away while I managed to keep myself from falling.  Now, of course, he knows he can get away with a certain amount because he's just too darn cute.  In fact, while I was typing this, he came up going, "Meeeoooom!!!!  Meeeeoooom!  Moooooom!  Timmy's in the well again!!"  Normally I would have just let him know that I'd just laid down and he'd have to wait but then he placed his right forepaw ever so gently on my arm, looked deeply in my eyes, and pleaded, "Moooom!"  ::sigh::  What's a momma to do??  So I got up, went with him into the kitchen where all the bowls were full (no, that's not it mom!), and he headed to the piano where he hopped up and meowed at the door.  The door??  The door??  You want me to let you OUT??  THOMAAAASSSSSS!!!!!

It's pictures like this that keep Thomas from becoming trim.  harumph!

yep... I think I'll need the big cup... heh

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sure Honey, Say It All You Want, We Believe You...

Now my husband resembles my daddy in many many ways.  They both speak in about the same manner.  They are both quite jovial.  They both have the same evile sense of humor.  They both enjoy talking about history... oh wait, make that any kind of debate!  They can both start up a joke and carry it (if you're in the US, think Drew Carry's show Whose Line Is It Anyway?) which is cool, because my husband and I do this at home as well (we're trying to teach my children too).

There is one other thing which my husband does that my daddy does which made me know that he was the man for me.  Picture a man sitting in a comfy chair.  Now picture a cat either sitting beside the man, laying on the armrest of the chair, or even laying ::gasp:: in the man's lap.  You will find the man, when he thinks no one is looking, stroking the cat (supposedly as if he didn't know he were doing so) quite knowledgeably while saying, "I don't like you cat.  You know, I don't even know why I feed you.  You are completely worthless, you know.  If you were a dog, you would fetch my slippers.  I really don't care for cats at all.  I have no idea why we keep you around.  Perhaps we should have you for dinner.  Oh wait, we don't have a pot big enough!" and so on and thus and such and so and so, all the while saying this in a coaxing tone while the cat accepts his or her due praise, purring and purring and purring.

"I often make it my job to make sure that dad's pillow
is warm when he's ready to go to sleep!

"We all help guard dad's piano."

"You can see that dad & Mister Kitten just can't get along at all."

"Dad helped mom do this one by suggesting the line.
Then mom knew which cat it worked with.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zaphoid Update

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde had a member who was down.  This was not good!  Fortunately, many cats joined in purring for Zaphy and lots of Feeders joined Their Feeders in praying for him.  In addition to that Their Feeders called the Vet.  The Vet said to feed Zaphy softened food, so mom gave him the two sample cans of gooshy food they had.  Then she took a small bowl that held about a third of a cup and put dry food into it along with two greenies (mmmmmmm, greenies!).  Once she'd done that, she put in some water.  The first time she did it, Zaphy gulped down the food like he'd been doing but he had water going down at the same time as the food!!

The next time mom put down some food, it sat for awhile.  But it didn't have greenies in it.  Mom put two greenies in it, but Zaphy still wasn't sure if he wanted it.  He waited a bit and then finally ate it.  Since then... [wait for it... wait for it... wait for it... ]
1 - He's slept at the end of the bed (both sides!) instead of just Dale's pillow
2 - He's jumped off of the bed as opposed to looking like a human about to test the water to see if it's frozen
3 - He sprang onto the bed!!!  He hasn't done that in so long!  Tears came to my eyes.
4 - Rather than just hang out on the bench by my fourth fiction bookcase upstairs, he actually was hanging out on the piano bench!!  Whoot!
5 - This one is the best yet.  He went outside again!  You see, Zaphy prefers to use the 'outdoor' litter box.

He's looking & feeling like himself again!  Whoot!  Yay!  And thank you thank you thank you very very much to everyone for their purrs & prayers!

"I'm feeling much better now!"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Pool, the Camera, the Cats, & the Book

Since the weather has been warm enough to open the backyard pool (the house my husband bought has a 24' aboveground) I've been able to go out and exercise in it.  We-ell, once I was cleared to walk that far, get into water, the stairs had been put in... anyway.  First I get dressed for the pool, this includes putting on SPF 4000 sunscreen because I have very fair skin.  It doesn't tan, it burns.  If you look at me wrong, I burn.  Not, I'll admit, as much as when I was a teenager (my nearly eep! 17 yo daughter didn't reapply two days in a row and looked liked a boiled lobster ::shudder::) but still.  I take my towel, my hat, my reading glasses, my sunglasses, and my book.  I do my very best to remember to bring my camera.  In just a minute (unless of course, you have skipped this entirely and just scrolled down to look at the pictures... shame on you!) you'll see pictures of Da Boys taken out in the pool/patio area.

Now, the other day I was out there exercising.  Mind you, I am now the Bionic Woman.  Okay, not really this time since it's just two knees.  What I do is to put an inflatable round float over my head (I don't want to sit in it! I need to walk!) and then I can set my elbows on the sides and prop my book in the center of the third side.  Then I start walking.  First one way, then another way, then I change my style of walking... yada yada yada.  Normally, if I have the camera, I might be able to get a shot or two.  So what happened the other day?  Zaphy was inside laying on Dale's pillows and sleeping.  First, Thomas lept casually onto the top of the ramp.

"Hi mom!  Don't I look elegant?"  Hmmmm, yes you do Tom, now if you'll just stay there while mom gets her... POOHBEARS!!  No camera.  Whereupon Star and Mister Kitten lept up onto the ramp and proceeded to join Thomas in displaying the most wonderful (and aggrevating at the time) poses whilst I exercised, read my book, and did my very best to admire them without kicking myself.  Today, I had my camera, my hat, my phone, my book, and so on and so on... blah blah blah... but nary a cat was seen in sight.  We-ell.... .until I got back inside. 

 Thomas on deck!

"I told you!  I'm not going to blow up that inflatable!"

Thomas making an inspection on the deck.

I admit it.  I am a book addict.  Primarily SF/F... Honor Harrington series by David Weber has an interesting race called Treecats.  If you like SF... particularly hard SF with tech (this is C.S. Forester in space) with an amazing female protagonist... this series rocks & rolls!  And if you're a reader?  It doesn't hurt that there are ~20 books in the series.
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PS I'll post a Zaphy update sometime Sunday afternoon if at all possible.