Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Kids Are Having Midterms Today...

Both kids were upset because they didn't have school yesterday.  Why??  Because yesterday was the first day of midterms.  If things had gone as planned they would have had three half days of midterms on Tuesday through Thursday.  But because of the snow day they have to make up the exam from yesterday today.  Poor poor kids.  In other news, I managed to get permission from Da Boys to work on the shop.  New items are going in and once they're all fixed I'm hoping I'll have enough 'good' time that they'll let me start putting in some new graphics starting with New Years Eve.  They are very picky about how much time I am allowed to spend on the computer.  If I'm pushing myself too hard a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde will come lay on my hand or start getting in between myself and my laptop so that I am forced to put it up.

 "Ahem.  I believe it is too cold out here, even for cats."

 "Mom is starting get a little worried.  She says I'm starting to look like an old Tim.  Me?  I'm curled up at the end of mom's bed.  I want Jennifer to put the waterbed up in her room.  Waterbeds are warm."

 "Ha!!  If I lay on things then mom can't use them!!  What do you mean this isn't the mouse?"

 "Let me innn!  Let me innnnn!  Timmy's in the well and it's tooooo coooold outside!!"

"This is one of the sections we let mom work on the new items last night.  We know what phone covers are but what is a yoga mat??"