Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve!!

The cats and my family and I have been quite busy with our holiday preparations!!  I've had all four of our Tims in bed with me every night, although they've been taking turns.  Thomas has been doing more of a 'peeking in' of late.  Zaphoid, being emo, stays at the foot of the bed; trying to steal the small wedge pillow I have so that he can lay his head on it.  This morning I found it on the floor where it evidently got knocked out of the bed last night during our struggle for control.  Mister Kitten (yes!  Oberon has finally decided on his name!) and Star take turns laying on my body pillow.  Star gets the first half of the night and Mister Kitten gets the second half of the night.

I'm not sure which cat it was who tried to kick me out of bed last night (I woke up at 3 am on the very edge of the bed!), but I suspect Mister Kitten who is now up to 15.5 pounds!!  He is sitting on the top of the small scratching post right now trying to look innocent.  ::grin::

Dale, Jennifer, Corwyn, Sir Thomas of Snuggle, Zaphoid Beeblebrox, StarWalker BitCat the Computer Kitty, Mister Kitten, and I all wish you a Safe and Happy Christmas Eve.  May any of you traveling do so in safety.