Friday, December 3, 2010

Everybody Sick But Daddy (this is a Good Thing!!)

 "We know nothin' about how mom & Jennifer & Corwyn
got strep throat.  Nothin'!!  No, really!!"

 "I think I'll just head outside.  Just to be safe.
I don't think cats can catch strep but you can never be too careful!
Besides, mom won't give me any treats because I keep mugging her.
Harrumph!!  Doesn't she know who's Top Cat around here?  Really.
Just because she can out-stare me..."

"I'm just glad that Dad hasn't gotten sick!!
He's got a major gig tonight!!"

 "See!  See!  I used to help dad record and mix stuffs!!  He's going to play 'Dark Side of the Moon' at the Blue Rooster (on the square at Murfreesboro, TN) with the Pink Floyd tribute band Us & Them... then he'll be playing with another band called 2nd & Vine.  They start playing at 9 (2100 CST) and there is a $9.00 cover charge, part of which will go to one of the Recording Studio scholarships (a couple of the band members work in that department.  If you can't come, think good thoughts for us!!  OH!  And also send purrs & prayers to mom's friend Kat (she's Memphis Kat because mom is older).  Her dad is in a rehab hospital and she had to follow the ambulance carrying her mother to the hospital again.  ::sigh::  We is worried."

This is my actual letter - Mister Kitten
No, it's MY letter! - Zaphoid
You're both wrong!  It's mine! - Sir Thomas
Star stares innocently at the ceiling