Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday & a Rescue Request!

First we have a request from Zoolatry!!

Please pass this on to anyone you know, because anyone knows someone. Thank you!

We are thankful for Chrystal!!
 "I need to get ready for mom to talk about me.
HEY!  I'm not ready yet!"

 "Who is Chrystal?  She's the amazing Foster Mom whose Cat House
 I lived in before my Feeders adopted me and I joined the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde!!"

 "They feed me really great food.  Did you know that Chrystal rescues kitties & woofies all by herself?  That's right!  She runs a private rescue and she really really really needs donations to help her and the other Feeders at her house take care of all the kitties and woofies until they find Forever Homes like me!    How can you help?  Well, there is a link to her website on the left hand side of our blog.  She has a donate button there.  You can also give kitt(y/ies) or woofie(s) a Forever Home or ask her for a way to send her coupons or toys or foods or other stuff they need.  You can do this now.
I'll just take a nap on the boy's bed while you do."

 "This is my twin brother of another mother, Star.  He is teaching me to be a good Ninja Kitty.  I know how to grab mom's hand and make her pet me!!  I have all kind of toys and there are two kinds of water fountains to drink out of and we get at least two Greenies every day and a window seat and mom let's me sleep on the couch!!  I love my brothers... well, except for my stinky brother Knives, because he's fat and greedy but mom makes him behave."

 Mom & Chrystal both think that all kitties & woofies should be neutered and spayed!  If you think so too, contact my mom about getting an icon for your blog!  If you'd like a t-shirt, button or something else with this graphic on it, just click and it will take you to our shop!