Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where oh Where Have We Been??

 "As you can see, I'm back to normal!
Now, I just need to inspect this water here."

 "I've been resting up so I can switch out with Da Boys
to help make mom feel better.  The weather has been
very changeable and it makes it harder on her.  That's
why she hasn't had the 'puter on so we can blog."

 "What?!  We haven't been blogging??
Quick!  Someone get me a treat, I feel faint!"

 "I am also all healed up.  Mom tried keeping all of Da Boys
inside but dad isn't any good at it.  Plus Thomas and Zaphy
yell if they don't get to go out.  I paw the door and all of us
give mom & dad the vote of 'no confidence'.  Dad doesn't like
the smell.  We have him twisted around our paws!  Muahaha!"

"This is how mom feels right now.  But this next week will be hard on her too.  Both kids have a concert tomorrow night, Corwyn has a doctor's appointment on Tuesday (mom's going to try to change it), she has to see a lawyer about SSD on Thursday and on Saturday Jennifer is being regurgitated from high school!!!"

"This is our backyard.  Once mom has enough money she wants
to put in a cat-proof fence (yeah right!!  How're you gonna do
that mom??)so we can go out of our window door and into a safe place.  Audrey is very very good about going out on the harness but the rest of us want to run OUT!  Mom can't put anything toward it
yet because of Audrey's vet bill (over $200!) and shots coming up.
(shhhh!  Don't tell Thomas, Zaphy, Knives or Audrey!)"



    Mommy cried she laffed so hard. Good to see you back!

  2. Great to see you back. I truly missed all of you. So did Mommy.

  3. So good to hear you are absulotely back to normal ! and MOL.. for wheel chair..hee..hee
    Miss you so bad my friend
    Have a wonderful day !

  4. Thomas says, "Mom's doing a little better but she may have trouble posting this next week too. As for the wheelchairs, we have an entire section of them in our store. Mom put the bipolar, migraine & chronic pain ones in medical expressions."

  5. You all have to take very good of each other. You're all going through some bumpy roads, aren't you? We's so glad that you're healed up. Be sure to get lots of snuggles with your mommy and with your siblings because it'll make all of you feel good. Sending you all lots of purrs,
    Miss Bella and Sele

  6. We are glad yoo are back and OK. Purrs.