Saturday, January 21, 2012

That's a Big Box Mom!

 "So mom, is the stuff in the box for us?"

 "TOYS!!  GREENIES!!  Ummm, is that a litter scoop?
Evile Pernicious Flea stuff?  We don't need that!!"

 "Look!!  Look!!
Mom put up the window seat in my favorite window!!"

 "Ummm, you can stop taking pictures anytime mom."

"Okay, we've looked at everything, taken a nap, played with the boxes, taken a nap, run from you trying to put Evile Pernicious Flea stuff on us, taken a nap, played with more stuff, taken a nap and now we can't think of anything to doooOOOOooo!!  Meeeeoooooommmmm!!"