Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flop Cat... Paging Dr. Flop Cat!

Okay, I've managed to get up and wake up long enough to finish putting in Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Cats.  Whew!  Now only five zillion... no, it just feels like that!  ::grin::  I think that what I'll put in next will be this one

or else this one

What to do, what to do, what to do.  Hmmmm, take meds for back?  ::nods::  Yes, and find Dr. Flop Cat.  Oh O-ber-on!

Weird... going to need cat doctors...

I keep have short catnaps at the computer.  This is... Not Good in the Worst Way™.  ::sigh::

Seriously, Can I Just Go Back to Bed??

I slept from 10 pm to 7:30 or so... and I'm still tired. Evidently the cats did the Changing of the Cat Guard™ last night. I started with Star, felt Zaphy at one point, my husband says that Oberon was in there, and woke up with Thomas. So it was evidently One of Those Nights™. ::sigh::

I saw the neurologist's NP yesterday. To say that I was less than impressed would be an... understatement. Mr. BooBrain failed to check my current med sheet and was going off of my old one...

Him - "Let's try lowering your topomax from two in the morning and three in the evening"
Moi - "Huh? I don't take two in the morning and three in the evening. If you'll check my current med sheet I take one in the morning and one at night."
Him - "No you don't."
Moi - "Yes, I do." pull out med list from my purse where I keep three in different compartments, which I had given at check-in for them to copy "Look on my new med sheet."
Him - holding out a printout of my old meds - "Yes you do, see, it's right here."
Moi - hold up current med list, "Look, you should have a copy, just like this, showing my current med list."
Him - "I'm not seeing that."

Never mind the fact that he also paid no attention to why I was really there and kept talking about my headaches. ::head:desk:: Good thing that I don't carry Weapons of Mass Destruction™ with me. grrrrrrrrrr