Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why Is Mom's Room Dark and Who Closed Our Window??

 "Hey!  Our window is closed!!  How am I going to get inside?!"

 "Waitaminute!!!  It's COLD!!"

 "He does this every year you know."

Star - "I relented and got up on the bed yesterday."

Mister Kitten - "And I let him.  Mainly because mom threw me out into the cold when she caught me beating up on him.  Oh, and because mom had those test things Monday and a migraine.  She won't find out about the EEG until Thursday probably.
The EMG of her ulnar nerve was normal though."

Star - "I have decided to stay on the bed.  And return to my Evile Ninja Ways.  Daddy thought it was a sign of the cat crazies but mom knew better.  Mommy is very very smart.  That's why we like her.  Well, that and she gives good treats."

 "Personally?  I don't care so long as I get treats and have someplace warm to sleep.  Oh, and pampering... must have lots and lots of pampering.  I am, of course, the Eldest Cat and thus Reign Supreme.  Well, at least when mom isn't looking."

"No, really!!  It's time for mid-terms!!  Unless you're in a college class, like the one our dad is teaching, in which case it's finals."