Sunday, December 18, 2011

What Mouse Mom??

 "Hey Star, have you seen mom's computer mouse?"
"Neither did I."

 "I'm practicing sleeping so Santa will come.
Santa brings us toys & Greenies!!"

"I'm actually laying right beside mom in the living room making sure that she doesn't do too much.  I really really like the new sofa!!  But it's making stinky ole' Knives mad and he's chasing all of us around the house again.  ::sigh::  I've had to hide UTB a lot.  So mom makes sure I get lots of couch time with her to make up for it."

This is the graphic that Jen picked for her 2011 ornament.  Every year we all get a new ornament.  Mom already has What? What?? and dad came by and picked up his Happy Holidays? ornament.  Santa will be bringing two calendars to some Feeders, wait until you see the rest!!