Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mom, Us & Handsome Needs A Home!

 "I'm really enjoying going outside on my leash...
except when cars go by!"

 "So I ask everyone to take me-out!
Mom can't find my smaller leash though."

 "We've been taking good care of mom because she's been having
lots of migraines & stuff due to the weather & stress over green papers & stuff.  Jennifer is graduating High School this year!" - Star
"And the house needs cleaning." - Zaphoid
"Hey!  I'm not the one spraying everywhere!!  I'm just fighting with Audrey... um... ah... playing, I meant playing!!" - Knives

"I love my new Forever Home!!  Well, except for that stinky ole' yellow cat Knives.  Everyone here loves black cats and I look just like my twin brother from another mother, Star!  I was adopted from Chrystal's Cat House.  Guess what?!?  They have another black cat up for adoption who looks just like us!!  Jennifer wanted to adopt him too but mom said five kitties in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde is the most we can have.  Otherwise we would adopt Handsome!!  Please go visit him and see if your home is his Forever Home!!"

"Don't forget to check out Cat Blogosphere for all the kitties
who need purrs & prayers!  Even if we don't send a message,
we always are sending them out! 

PS if you get migraines too, you can go to our shop
and see the stuff we put up with this graphic"