Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Made a Sale!! (PS A Kitty Needs a Home!)

 "Yay!  We made a sale!!"

 "That's a $1.50 in our CafePress account once it clears!"

 "This is good because my left eye needs to
be checked & it's time for rabies shots."

 "Toys!!  Buy more toys!!"

"This is what someone got!  We've got two other address change
designs and put a linkee on this graphic so if you are letting
your Feeder(s) change your abode you can send them here
to let all of your furfriends know where to send you toys!!"

"Ahem.  Thomas here.  Precious is a pretty Princess living in South Carolina.  She lost her mom and needs a new home.  She is only six years old.  Precious is a wonderful wonderful kitty who needs a wonderful home.  If we had more room in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde we would ask her to come live here.  But since we don't, we would like everycat to go visit Brian's Home and look at the post about the Code Red Urgent! Precious Cat Needs Someone Now! 
Thank you!!  We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogs."