Friday, January 28, 2011

Wait? Almost Two Weeks Already?!

 "Ha!  I have one of my favorite hair band toys!"

 "I chase it all over the bathroom and house.  Mom would like to know how I move the scales."

 "I love this toy!!  And I'm enjoying my Forever Home!!  (except that stinky yellow cat)"

 "My favorite game with it is to pass it around the legs of the stool over and over and over and..."

"I am winning over all of my brothers.  Well, except that stinky ole' yellow cat.  I touch noses with Zaphy and of course my twin of another mother Star!!  I even touch noses with Thomas now!  But I growl immediately at Knives because he chases and growls and snaps at me too much.  UNFAIR!  Just because I've taken over mommy & the window seat & & &... now to make mom get me a new leash..."