Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanks Kat!! Have a Great Weekend!!

 "Mom's soul sister sent Clister some green papers and then sent some more to force mom to go to Angel Food Ministries and buy a box of food.  Thank you Kat!!  We are purring & praying for you too!!"

 "She's been dealing with taking care of her dad who's been in the hospital since September 28th when he had a ruptured 10 mm aneurysm basically blew up his aorta.  He had to have his leg taken off pretty high (among his other surgeries) and has just been moved to a rehab hospital.  No one thought he would survive but he is a very very strong and determined person... like his daughter."

 "So today we are all having a nap in her honor.  Thanks again Kat!!"

"This card's for you"