Monday, December 10, 2012

Manic Monday

 "I have been doing my best not to get my picture taken by mom."

  "Okay, I jumped in the box, now what?"

  "Mom is mine! Mine I tell you!! Minemineminemine!!!"

  "Don't tell tell the boys I'm over here!!"

  "Whee!!! Arm-diving!!"


 "Guess who?"

We're extending Cyber Monday through the next week!!
(Gotta pay for a spay & neuter in January!!!)
As always.. we LOVE Chrystal!
She does great work saving kitties.
Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher is a Winnie's Wish kitty!
So we're thinking that we should help try to...
Please help by sharing this idea!! 

Winnie's Wish Christmas Fundraiser!!