Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday!!

 "Hi! It's Cyber Monday!! We have to figure out how to pay for neutering & spaying Da Orphans, Rose & Thomas, so mom is gonna sell some of the jewelry she makes. I'm showing it to you because I'm a Winnie's Wish kitty and mom is pushing to Clear the Cathouse by Christmas!! Let me show you half of what mom's got. MOL! Feel free to ask me if you want details or an individual picture! BTW! If you are bidding on #38 on the auction to help Jeanne from Random Felines with the bills for the Gemstone family then this is the kind of thing you'll get!"

These are all stone and metal. Most of it is silver but some is copper.
Necklaces $20; Long necklaces (obvious) $25
Necklace w/bracelet or earrings $25
Necklace w/bracelet and earrings $30
 These are stone and metal with some glass. Most of the metal is silver but the cross on the Anglican/Episcopalian rosary is gold plated.

 The left hand side is almost all glass. The right are all stone and metal.

 These are all stone with the exception of the brass metal shield.

 A couple of these have glass but primarily stone, brass metal shield.

A couple of these have glass but primarily stone, another brass metal shield, copper beads with the bright blue square jade beads. On the left side there are bracelets for $7 and eyeglass holders for $15.

And now for your Cyber Monday deal!!
Buy two necklaces save $5
Three necklaces? $10
Four necklaces? $20
Five... FIVE necklaces?? $35!!

Not ordering necklaces? That's okay! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde will Pounce on the Mouse for a Surprise Discount!! Don't like jewelry but want to help pay for our Christmas treats? Check out our Cafepress shop!! But don't forget to also check out these great ways to help support Chrystal Parker!! She's the fabu rescuer who found ME!! She took care of me until I came to my Forever Home here as a Ninja Kitty! My name used to be Sparkles! In face, you can read all about me in her book daily dose of dogs aka cats with your coffee. It's a compilation of her first year of blogging about her kennel and her rescue work! My mom loved reading it and so did the other Feeders in our house. And guess what?! The very best part is that when you go to her site and order it she gets some money to help her rescue kitties! (Of course it's even better if you fall in love with a Winnie's Wish kitty like me and give them a Forever Home like I have!!)

Oh! Oh! Oh!! The best thing has happened!! Every year at our house we get a new ornament for everycat and Feeders. (Actually mom gets just one ornament for us.) And you'll never believe what happened today!!! Celestial Kitties have a fundraiser for Winnie's Wish that are personalized ornaments!! They are sooooo cool!! Mom is going to get one for everycat this year! She's going to get our name on them and the year and Winnie's Wish Kitty on mine and Da Orphans on Da Orphans and oh it's just spendiferous! What a great thing for Cyber Monday!! (although mom's got to wait until the 3rd when her check comes in).

This is me when I first came home.
We're saving up to neuter & spay Da Orphans.
This graphic links to the same graphic in our cafepress shop!
Let us know if you ever want a graphic personalized!!


  1. those necklaces are lovely!!! mom may come back and shop for christmouse....

  2. Thanks for reminding everyone about all these important things. Those necklaces sure are beautiful, and we have our paws crossed that the auction and sales of Chrystal's book go super well!