Saturday, June 11, 2011

Party ALL Weekend!! Happy FIRST Birthday AUDREY!!

 "Audrey's First Birthday Party!!  ALL Weekend!!"

"This is what I looked like when I was just a baaaaybeeeee."

 "We have greenies & catnip & food & bunches of other stuff to eat!"

 "This is one of the fun toys we have to play with!!"

 "Mom has TWO of these for us to jump in and out of
and of course they're great for naps too!!"

 "In addition to the kitty condo downstairs there are
other fun places to climb to practice being a Ninja Kitty!"

"As you can see, we have a lot of feeding stations
and we have TWO water fountains!!"

"This is  me, Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher, one year old!!"

"We hope you will all come over and stay as long as you want partying with us!!  Of course, the Feeders have no say in the matter!!"

"Da Boys wish their Princess a Happy Purrday!!"