Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh my! We mustn't leave Thomas out!!

Today I've had every single cat lay on me at one time or another.  When my physical therapist came by Star helped as usual and at one point laid his head on the therapist's bag (I wish I could find my camera!!).  But he did a good job and my knee made 130°.  heh heh heh  Anyway it's now time for Thomas to have his day.  Presenting Sir Thomas of Snuggle of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde:

"I am the Sentinel.  I am in charge of the Cat Guard."

"I keep an eye on everything because I'm the eldest."

"You can't tell in this picture,
but I have gorgeous blue eyes."

"I adore rolling around on the cement driveway."

"I am adorable.  I love to change my colors
even though I was born a blue point.  Everyone loves me."

"I want this bag.  Then mom could carry me around in it."

Mom!! What about MY cat ?!?!?!

Never mind that my son's cat, Mister Kitten get a.... lot of airtime!  So with no further ado... Mister Kitten!!

"I like to help mom with the mouse,
especially when I think she is too tired."

"I like sleeping on dad's bed with Zaphy
even if the bed isn't made up."

"I don't go in or out unless someone else is,
and then I streak out!!"

"I like to sleep with other cats."

"But my most favorite place to sleep is the laundry!!!."

"I think mom made this bumper snicker just for me!"