Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Bedrooms are A'Changing...

We don't know if it's safe to come out anymore!!  Mom & dad have been moving things around!!  The waterbed is in pieces in the living room!!!  They have the foamy bed thing in their bedroom on top of the camp bed [medieval camp bed used when reenacting] and we don't know what to make of it!!  Zaphy & Star & that Kitten have all been on it and gotten treats but none of us have really slept on it yet.  It creaks!!!  We might fall off!  What if they're {gasp} moving!!!  But the only thing weird is the waterbed thingee.  Well, that and Jen's room being clean.  Well, and dad not having a mattress on his futon anymore.  Well, and that thing that they have in front of our cat tree.  Okay, it may be time to worry boys.

Zaph, I shall always be the better spy.  Why do you think that??

Did you hear that??   You mean that treat over there about 2 cm ...

Never let them see you worry.   Got it boss... what about treats??
     Don't be silly.

MOM!  Pay Attention!!
the middle way...  mom was tired!