Sunday, April 25, 2010

No Arms or Legs Were Injured...

Yes, you guessed it!  I have a new camera!!  Under $30 and it has a flash, holds 100 photos, does video (once I figure out how to do that), can be a webcam, yada yada yada.  Have I tried it out??  What do you think??  ::weg::

 "I have got you in my pawer!  
You will put down more food from the Big Bowl!!"

"I sense that someone has been using his superpawers in here... 
but who could it be??"

"What?  Mom got a new camera??  Well, that explains the flashy thingee!"

"I have you in my pawer!!  You will take no more pictures tonight!
  You will go to sleep!!"
"Put that information down in the journal, okay?"   "Got it!"