Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three Weeks with Audrey!!

 "I'm soooo exhausted from running all over the house!  I love this chair in the living room.  When Corwyn is home from school he'll be in one and I'll hang out in the other one beside him.  I love him a lot!"

 "Hair ties are still my most favorite toys!  I broke one and mom made sure to throw it away immediately so I wouldn't accidently eat it!  I like to get onto mom & dad's bedside tables and steal them.  Especially dad's because he'll take one off at bedtime.  ::giggle::  Then he scolds me in the morning for stealing them!"

 "See me looking at my twin brother of another mother?!  Star and Zaphy and I are getting along pretty well now.  Thomas isn't tooooo bad.  I'll hiss at everyone when my stinky yellow brother Knives is around.  He still isn't happy I'm around and we get into it.  He likes to lay in the doorway wherever I am and LOOK at me.  So I go tell mom that he's looking at me again and she tells him 'no'.  Harrumph!"

 "Yep!  Hair bands are my favorite!  I also like to come up and get petted.  I'll stand up on two legs and I look sooooo cute!!
All the Feeders I met love me!"

"Okay, I'm still working on this one.  But I'm getting better!!  When I first came home mom & dad (and Jennifer & Corwyn) had to say it a lot!  I didn't know what they were saying as they scooped me up and put me on the floor.  But now I realize that I'm supposed to stay on the chairs.  I still get up on the table sometimes though."

PS "I've been a big help to mom too.  She went and had an MRI on her cerv... cerv... neck this morning and it gave her a migraine.  But I was so sweet when she got home that it made her feel better."