Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mister Kitten!!

 "Oh good, you're feeling better!  You see,
Mister Kitten was sniffing Thomas and bit him!!"

 "I've been very good and for Epiphany we all got stinky goodness!!"

 "Would you believe Mister Kitten didn't like it?!
Of course that meant more for the rest of us!!"

 "Yum!!  I had to take a nap afterward.  Well, that and we're all napping in hopes that dad's car gets fixed soon and he can
figure out why the fuse for mom's back lights keeps blowing!!"

"Mom has a 17" screen but she still has to wear glasses."

Please Help SPARKLES!!

"I would like to direct you to the story of Sparkles.  She needs a new home where there are NO other kitties!!  She adores Feeders but she misses her brother who has already found a Forever Home.  Please please please help her find her Forever Home!!  We especially want to help her because she looks so much like me!!"

Unless you are a purebred breeder, PLEASE neuter and/spay your fur companions!!  Remember, it not only helps their health, it helps the population of animals being abandoned or killed in shelters.
Thank you from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde
We are all Tims