Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back-up Cameras & Fountains

 "Oh good!  Mom got a back-up camera!"

 "Someone on CB was asking about fountains.
This one moves around like a toilet.  Ummm, until Zaphy's fluffy fur kills the pump.  It doesn't matter how often mom cleans the pump.
It has nothing to do with somecat  dropping food in it!
It is pretty quiet and just makes a humming sound."

 "Wow!  This fountain is SO quiet!  All you hear is the water falling into the bowl.  And it takes the strain of fluffy furs and none of us drop food in it even though we drink from it.  Mom says that if any of us liked to drink from the faucet we'd like it even more."

"'Cuse me, need to clean my paws now."