Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day? What Day?

I blame my daughter.  I had to take her and her brother to the doctor yesterday.  So, of course, I was sick today.  And had a feeling better but not fever free for 24 hours 16 yo daughter roaming around my bed wanting me to help her cut out the Herald's court costume (Mercedes Lackey anyone?)  It was also raining much of the day so that the cats would go to the door, want you to walk them out to the porch so that they could think about if they wanted to actually be outside or not.  Ergo, not much got done today.  Other than supervising cutting out fabric, discovering that there wasn't enough white fabric (but we found white fabric with butterflies & dragonflies on it so... as well as huge hook & eye strips on 80% sale but I digress), cutting out more fabric, going to get the son from choir practice, and then collapsing.  Star supervised.  Except in the car.  We don't let him drive anymore... although I did have to actually physically remove him from my van when I went to get my son.  Which was odd.  Ah well.  Off to collapse again!!

and kudos to my adoring and adorable husband who came through and hit the high school choir trip meeting... late because my daughter got the time late!  He da man!!