Monday, April 4, 2011

Where Did the Weekend Go???

 "MOM!  It's starting to storm!!"

 "Maybe that's why you've been feeling bad all weekend!"

 "Hey!  Did you know that this is your 495th post??
What are the neighbors doing?"

 "Someone forgot to put their plate in the dishwasher.  Hammmmmm."

"My foster mom Chrystal got her computer back up!!  You need to read all about it in her blog!  It got sick like my mom!  I didn't know computers could get sick!!  Someone needs to adopt Handsome, 'cus he looks like me & my twin brother from another mother Star, and black cats are the BEST!  But there is another cat at my foster mom Chrystal's home!!  Her name is Daphne and she is blind in one eye.  She is FIV-positive!!  She has a mass on one mammary and here is what my foster mom said about her today:

I put Daphne on four different types of immune-boosting natural products. She did not eat the first day, I would guess because of the fever. But she is eating now - everything we put in front of her. No fever. Her eyes are running less. She is using her leg a little bit. We are a long way from having all of these infections under control. And I know all too well how quickly a cat can make a bad turn. But right now, Daphne is on a soft blanket. She is eating her food and loving every bite of it. She is purring and head butting and pitting. We don’t know what the next week brings. If we can deliver Daphne back to health, is there ANYBODY out there who can direct us to a home for FIV-positive kitties? We need your help.

"I love my new Forever Home with all of my brothers (maybe even that stinky ole' Knives) but Daphne will need a home where she can be safe and pampered and taken care of by Feeders who understand FIV furbabies.  If you know how to do that and you have the space and love in your heart, please please please let my foster mom know!!  If not, please purr and pray for her!  (donations wouldn't be bad either... I like treats and toys myself and I'm sure Daphne would too!!)  Thank you!!" - Lady Audrey Luna StarWatcher neé Sparkles