Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Sleeping Contest...

 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Horde says, "Mom figured out what the problem was with the camera (or we think she did).  It was a bad cord.  Bad cord!  NoooOOOooo biscuit!  So we made her take a buncha pictures of us having a sleeping contest!  We would like to see all of your best sleeping poses as well!    Once you have put up your pictures, post it in the comments.  We'll put up all of the contestents in another post and let everycat look at them and vote on which one they think is the best!  The first three winners will get a
Super Special Graphic made by mom!!"

 "See how cute I am?  I have my paw tucked under
the quilt while I lay down next to mom."

 "I like to sleep with my head up.  Dad can't figure out how I do it!"

"Mister Kitten and I are the best Sleeping Cats!!
We told mom that we need to have two pics!!"

"See!  What did I say about my other picture?  ::grin::"

 "I was hiding my eyes from everycat in this picture!"

"I learned how to do this from the young
mom & dad here at the house."

"We linked this to the page that goes to the
clothes section & the everything else section .
Now mom is nodding off so we're going to make her take a nap."

BTW if you love most excellent Science Fiction, I must reccomend that you read the Liaden series by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.  Each book can stand alone but together?  Oh man.  There's a *reason* I've read each book (exept the two I've gotten recently) at least five times!!  These books rock!  And there is a contest wherein IF you haven't read (cross your heart) this series, you could win an electronic copy of an omnibus of the first three books.  Go here.  Go now.  You know you want to.  I'll wait.