Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meh... meh... and oh yeah, meh

My husband has had a cold for the last three days. Today he was finally able to get up, perkily I might add, and go into work. I, on the other hand, after sleeping for the last day and a half, woke up coughing. I can not breathe. No, I take that back. I can not breathe well. You don't want the details. Just send me Puffs+ with lotion (sorry, I don't use anything else... it's my sensitive Kat nose and all), homemade chicken soup with garlic (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm garlic), and cats.

My daughter's chem study partner just got here which is a Good Thing™, maybe this means I won't have to keep getting up to let cat in and out again.  OTOH maybe they're doing it to make sure that I'm getting lots of fluids.  hmmmmmmmmm  You never know with my cats.  It was so funny earlier today.  Zaphy has this... Thing... about sitting at the door rather like Oliver from Oliver's Twist.  Being an Emo Kitty, he's most excellent about sitting up and peering through the door, going, "Please Mum, if you'd only let me in and feed me a crumb or two of cat food.  I'd be most grateful mum, surely I would."  Riiiiiiiight.

So today, I walk by as I'm going back from the kitchen to the bedroom and I see... Star.  Star is sitting next to Zaphy.  Both of them going, "Please Mum, if you could just spare a crumb or two of cat food.  We're awful starving, mum, that we are.  And it's dreadful cold out here mum.  A bite and a bit of rest in front of a fire would indeed be a blessing from heaven as it twere mum."  I am such a sucker.  As bad as I felt.  I stopped and let them in... and like superheros they sped off to the kitchen therein to gobble down at least half a cup of catfood... if not more.  ::shakes head::  Now to go lay down and see if my nurse cat is going to continue to be Oberon (who has actually been nice and not gotten on any part of my body that hurts at the moment... heh).