Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Are You All Looking At Me??

I woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, and came back into the bedroom to find all of the cats on the bed looking at me.  "Hey Mom.  We neeeeeeeeed something."  "You've already had treats."  "But we neeeeeeed something!!"  "You've already had treats."  "Mooooooooom!!"  "Boys."  "Meeeee-ooooom!!"   ::rolls eyes and heads to kitchen::  I am immediately followed by a cat parade of Thomas and Zaphoid.  Mister Kitten and StarWalker stayed in the bedroom doorway for a bit to play dominance games.  "See Mom!!  The dishes have only crumbs!!  We are going to starrrrrve to death!!  No, really!!  We's skin and bones!!"  ::sigh::  "Alright boys, breakfast is coming."  And the Big Bowl gets opened.  Mister Kitten teleports all sixteen pounds into the kitchen so as not to starve to death.

Making sure we don't starve to death!

After eating, Thomas and Mister Kitten had to go outside to check on the weather.  They then had to go back inside to let everyone know that it was raining and that the Changing of the Cat Guard would have to wait until the weather cleared up.

We would keep notes about when we goes
in and out but we can't write.  Mom??  Mom??
  Could you do that for us?  Meee-ooom??