Saturday, December 4, 2010

Great Gig, Time to Recover...

 "Dad had a gig last night.  Mom rested up for so she could go too."

 "Mom's mom & dad came too, well at least for the Pink Floyd tribute band Us & Them who played the album 'Dark Side of the Moon'.  But they didn't stay to listen to the other band dad's in called 2nd & Vine.  Clister is still broken.  ::sigh::
Dad still hasn't even taken her to see how much it would take to get her fixed because he figures they couldn't afford it anyway."

 "Before they left, mom & dad put us in charge of the house
and you can see what an excellent job we're doing!!
Here I am taking care of something of Jennifer's."

 "Of course mom & dad gave their kittens rules as well.
(Corwyn will be 15 in March & Jennifer 18 in August)
1) Don't let any Huns in the house.
2) Don't sack Rome.
3)  No sacrificial fires in the front yard...
or the back yard or the side yards!!
4) and no, you can't use my swords for anything."

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We got home about.... 3?  4?  I don't know, I fell asleep.  And the only cat who stayed on the bed was Mister Kitten... well, Thomas came by at some point but I think he was just jonesing for some cat treats (he's getting much better about not mugging me).
I miss having Star sleep with me.