Monday, October 5, 2009

Day Job & Dead Knee...

The dead knee explains the two cat revolving door last night and the two cats behind me on the office bed.  Wait!  Where'd they go?  Zaphy?  Zaphy?  Well, at least Star doesn't just go and abandon me!  I would sit up longer and put in more BCAM graphics right now but after sitting up doing the OMG It Took Me Two Hours To Do One Graphic (and you're only supposed to take half an hour... I put down one hour) for the Day Job (or was it more? anyway) I am a dead Kat... at least for now.  Maybe later.

Oh yeah, and as my daughter was leaving to go bowling with her Girl Scout troop, my husband came in because he was out of insulin in his pump.  She turned around mid-out-the-door, ran back, and gave him a hug.  He came into the office with a total look of disbelief on his face.  "She's never done that before!!"  "What honey?"  He pointed out same. I shrugged, "Maybe she just likes you."  ::giggle:: 

FYI he's her step-dad.