Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh For a New Camera!!!

I'm going to have to get a new one today if I can find one with flash that doesn't cost an arm & a leg.  Thomas was just in the cutest pose!!  All of the cats in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde (the Trouble Brothers - Thomas & Zaphy, Ninja Cat - Star, and the Baby - Mister Kitten (who will be three this summer)) have been posing for me... and me with neither camera working!!!  Arrrrrgh!!  This means I'm having to work with the pictures I already have.  ::head:desk::  At any rate, Thomas was posing very similar to this pose of Star, except with the quilt rather than a pillow...

Star: "Love the pillow.  Crash on the pillow.  Pillow is Mine!"

Sad to say, wiith my kids at their father's house for the weekend and my husband not getting up early, I was treated to "Timmy's in the well, mom!" from Thomas around 0700.  Now Da Boys know my tradition.  If "Timmy's in the well" early in the morning, you have to wait until I'm done with my morning routine.  Once I was done with that I asked Thomas & Mister Kitten to "show me" what they needed.  Off we went to the kitchen where, lo and behold!, their cat food bowls had food in them.  Evidently, my walking them to the bowls was sufficient unto the day so that they realized that indeed they were not starving to death and their ribs were not about to show any second now.  After Thomas and Mister Kitten were done eating and I was done making coffee (we grind our own beans), into the kitchen sauntered Star.  He also needed me to walk him to the food bowls.  Zaphy showed up just as Star was beginning to eat and evidently Star eating was his cue that he wasn't going to starve to death.

BTW  Star is being a lovey-dove today, purring and asking for pettings (and also trying----- to help with the blog!).  This Ninja Kitty used to be more aloof, it's 632+ amazing what eat-trays can do!!  ::weg::

Star: "Dad is almost always like this and sometimes mom is too.
This points to the large mug that I think we should get
Dad for Christmas or his next birthday."