Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Voting Starts NEOW for the Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!!

"We're keeping an eye on mom so she doesn't do too much.
We'd like to thank Jan from Jan's Funny Farm SO MUCH
for helping us out while mom's been sick!!!"

It's Voting Time!!!  Everycat has TODAY through November 28th to pick the bestest cat(s) for their Most Excellent Sleeping Skill!!
You MAY pick more than one!!
YES!  You MAY vote for yourself!!
If you think of a good Catagory please let mom know along
with your nomination (everycat can use either email or comment).
Let the fun begin!!

Mitchell (above) a foster kitty and
Charlotte (below) of House of Carnivores.

Ivy & Tim of  Random Felines

Jimmy of Cat's Cats

Kit Cat from Chitty Chat Cat 
Spontaneous from Kat's Corner.

Samantha (above) and
Clementine (below) from A Cat's Perspective

(his mom has an etsy store)

Meowers from Missouri

Nellie from the Cat From Hell

Fuzzy lion from Growl Tiger & Co

These are from Pet & the Bengal Brats.

Brulee from Sweet Purrfections

Gambit from Kitty Partay

Maggie from Zoolatry

Zoey from Zoolatry.

Au from Katz Tales

Kintaro from Kazoku Neko

TT from Kazoku Neko

Yuki from Kazoku Neko

Gracie from Goodness Gracie

Artemisia (Arty Mouse) from
Alasandra, the Cats & A Dog

Scylla (left) from
Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog

Socks (tabby in back) from 
Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog

Cameron from Jan's Funny Farm

Willow from Devoted to Willow

Top down: Ayla, Marley & Iza of Marks Mews

Jet in kitten cuddler. 
Mom Laura said Jet and Venus (below)
don't have a blog yet. 
Venus sleeping in the packing peanuts.

"Whew!!  That was exhausting!!  Please let us know if we've mislabeled anycat!!  We can't wait to find out who will win!!  Remember that everycat will get a purrticipation graphic!!"


  1. You could do best group photo.

    Oh, and we tried to vote but it won't let us!!!

  2. Everycat here loves the idea of Best Group Nappers!! Try voting again & let us know if it works now!!

  3. Wow, what a great group of sleepers there are here!!!

  4. Well, first, we are voting for ourselfs fer 3 kitties nappin (Mark's Mews). But thats because we really think that is the best picture of 3 kitties nappin together we seen here. But we also want ta vote for the 3 Meowers From Missouri. Great nappin, y'all! That was impressive too.

    For 2 kitties, we vote fer Ivy and Tim of Random Felines.

    For 1 kitty, we vote fer Cameron of Jan's Funny Farm, and TT from Kozoku Neko.

    We also want ta say we loved EVRY picture of evry kitty! Each napped well and artistically. CAT PRIDE!

    We hope we did this right...

  5. We hope we unnerstood right that the votes are in the comments...

  6. We voted. It was hard to see the names at the top, but Mom Paula put on her extra strength reading glasses.

    You'll need to change your background in order to see the poll. You could also try to move the poll to the sidebar. Good luck!

    Truffle and Brulee

  7. I wanted to vote, but all I see are the white boxes. I couldn't read any names.

  8. We figured it out! The list at the top of the post is where ya vote! We dint even see the names there at first, but its a list of all the kitties entered in the sleepin contest. So look at the pictures, then go find them on the list!

    Its differnt, but it werks!.

  9. Gosh all of us look adorable, sleeping. Mommy just wants to pet everyone. We saw the poll and voted.

  10. It is much easier ta see now! What ever was done worked great. So vote fer US, MOL!

  11. OMC - there are so many great entries. I could just love up and smooch every one of them.

  12. Star says, "We loved everycat and voted for everycat!! You can do the same as well as clicking the bottom box. We did!! Everycat will get a graphic prize to display with pride on their blog and/or to print off and put up in their house! For Catagory votes, voting in the comments is exactly the right thing to do!! Keep on voting!!"