Monday, August 22, 2011

Da Celebration Report! Read All About It!!

 "So, do you know why mom did bring back BBQ for us??"

 "Mom's how old??  How much is that in cat years??" - Audrey
"Don't ask, don't tell." - Star
"You know, she got that cat necklace for her birthday when she was 11 and wanted earrings to match ever since she got it." - Zaphy

 "And dad had someone called Thomas the Lapidary make
 the earrings to match.  Mom squeed when she opened
the box at Christmas!  Daddy always does good." - Star

 "I want to know why dad named his upright bass Clyster." - Knives
"It's a band member's family name." - Zaphy
"OooOOOooo." ::shakes head:: "I still don't get it." - Knives
"Now there's a shock!" - Star
"What??" - Knives

"Mom got some great paper to play with,
but we can't have the balloons."

PS thanks to everycat who said Happy Purrday to our mom!