Saturday, December 18, 2010

Da Boys Are Bilingual!!

 "I didn't go outside until yesterday because of the cold.  When we say we want to go out or come in mom only holds the door for so long.  It doesn't take me long to check and see what the weather is like!!"

 "She counts 1, 2, 3 in English... but if we don't respond she repeats it in German.  That's when we realize mom is serious!  Mom learned a little bit of German from her late father who was stationed there in the Navy.  Then she took it in High School and at the University."

 "As you can see, I just have to roll even when it's cold!!
Mom talks to us in German when we're really bad as well.
We're bilingual and respond better to German sometimes."

 "However, last night I was very very very good!!
I came inside early!!  So mom didn't have to call me!
Ha ha ha!  I got treats first!  muahahahahahahaha!"

"Mom's had a lot of migraines lately but insurance says
she can only have nine a month.  She finished putting in the
new products in the shop and then put in some new graphics.
We wouldn't let her until she felt better."