Friday, April 3, 2015

Necklaces For Sale!

$20 each, all proceeds go to the care of the TMNKH!

 These are pendulums made by Jennifer.
 This is an emerald ring surrounded by three diamonds. Best offer.
Kat's Bruise Juice! $10 a bottle!
It lasts a long time and cuts the healing time of bruises in half.
It consists of 1/3 witch hazel, 1/3 arnica and 1/3 comfry. I make the arnica and comfry tincture myself using a 90% isopropyl alcohol. Use topically only!


The GoFundMe has disappeared. My ex wants us out of the house ASAP. I don't have money for deposits and in fact, need to pay off bills or we'll lose our phone, cable and cell (cell is already shut off). Merlin needs his annual so he can keep taking his anti-seizure meds. I'm really depressed now. I have no help from my roommate who has moved out but left his dog behind. I'm at wits ends. Pleh! Pleh!