Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mom!! We've Got an Idea for YOU!!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde got together and kept posing all over the bed.  Not only that, but they stayed still long enough for me to take pictures of them.  Now it all began with StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty.  I looked up and there was this stunning beauty turning his head with just a wee bit of red collar showing (Star always insists on having either red or blue).  I must admit that I do have a certain fondness for Star's lithe grace.  He is my panther.  And even if he doesn't always come in at night, when I curl up to go to sleep as I'm drowsing I find a paw draped across my calf.  [Thomas likes to get in everyone's way... this includes the humans.  He has been known to shove humans off of the bed as easily as Mister Kitten, and Mister Kitten outweighs him by four pounds!]

"I'm very good at making sure mom sleeps longer
when she hasn't slept well."

He makes me sleep in when I've had trouble getting to sleep.  As an example, last night I wasn't able to get to sleep until 0200.  This meant that Da Boys made me sleep until just after 1200.  Wow!  Then I had to read a gazillion posts, emails, an odd bizarre cartoon on lj or two, and watch something on YouTube.  During this I had to stop to reply to some of the gazillion posts, emails, forward an odd bizarre cartoon or two, and something on YouTube.  As you can imagine, this took some time, especially since it was interrupted by forays to get Sumpin-to-Eat & Sumpin-to-Drink (these are technical terms) for me and Sumpin-to-Eat & Sumpin-to-Drink & Treats for Da Boys (these are extremely important!!).

 "I ensure that mom takes naps.  Naps are important.
Everyone should take at least one nap a day.
Two are better.  Make that five... maybe more."

There was also some checking in on the painting going on in the kitchen.  "MOM!!  Does this mean that our food will be in the Right Place soon?!"  Not yet boys, but soon!  ::everyone crosses paws::   After that Some Cat Who Shall Remain Nameless (we suspect Zaphoid, but it could have been Star since they were both in here) viciously made me fall asleep while trying to get over to the Blogger tab!!!  It was a two hour nap which isn't the world's most comfortable in that position.  By that time I had to go get Sumpin-to-Eat & Sumpin-to-Drink again.  Which meant going Out Into the World because there was nuthin' to eat at the inn... ummm... uh... the fact that I wanted Peach Tea had nothing to do with it.  I just got more because the drive-through had the caloric intake written on the board (in ranges... whoot!!).

"Okay... who's got the greenies?
Law & Order: Criminal Intent is coming on!!"

 And then our "stories" came on...  what's that?  Oh!  Their idea.  No idea.  I'll ask them tomorrow.  No, really!!

"Hey mom!  If you get this bag you can go to the store, buy us lots of greenies, and not have to use plastic bags to carry them home in!!  Green-ies!!  Green-ies!!  Green-ies!!"