Thursday, February 10, 2011

Learning Supr Skrt Ninja Skills!!

 "The first Supr Skrt Ninja Power I learned was
stealing dad's hair bands off of his bedside table."

 "Then I learned how to lay in wait for my stinky
brother Knives to come by and pester me."

 "It is very very important for a Ninja to wheedle treats
from Feeders.  Treats help us stay strong.  No, really!!"

 "Learning Supr Sekrt Ninja Skills make you really thirsty.  I love
the new fountain mom got with the prize we won!  It not only
bubbles but it's very Zen looking.  This is in keeping with everyone
but my stinky brother Knives having so much oriental blood in us.
I have been talking and talking and talking to everyone this morning
(but mom still won't let me out even when I said 'out'!  Mean ole' mommy!).  I've also been exercising, running up and down and all around.  Whenever one of my brothers is in the way I jump over them, really really high, and sometimes I somersault in midair too!!  I am becoming a Most Excellent Ninja Kitty!!"

"Hey Star?  What does mom mean by this??
Do you think she'll get us the blankie??"