Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vote! Vote! Vote! First Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!! Results on Monday (or Tuesday depending on life)

"Dude!  What do you mean there's no greenies left?!?!
I mean... I mean...  I mean... catnip is... cool but
it's not crunchy.  It doesn't have the same...
Oh Poohbears!!"
"Harumph!!  Oh well, I guess that means we get to see Un'ca Garrett and babby Abby and her brother Max!!  And then Jen comes home.  But we need you to vote!  Vote! Vote!!  Mom will tally up the votes when she gets home on Sunday.  Ummm, unless she is toast, in which case she'll do it on Monday.  That means you should look for the results no later than TUESDAY!!!  So get out there & VOTE!!  Your vote counts a lot toward who gets a prize in each of the cat-a-gories  Anyway, mom's off to do stuff, we recommended she go get some chocolate!  That's another time she said 'BTDT, got the T-shirt!  We've got to figure that out.  ::scrunches eyebrows::
If anyone knows... tell us!!!!"  

"What's that??  Oh yeah, you can vote by putting in a comment or sending an email to mom.  She'll check it today & tonight & at least once tomorrow.  They'll get home Sunday but I don't know when she'll check it then although she might make my other younger mom do it since she'll have gotten home on Saturday.  If mom has the time, she'll get some drafts of pictures of us to go up over the weekend but they won't show up on Cat blogosphere because we don't know how to do that (mom doesn't either and she still won't give us her password!!  mean old mommy!!)  See you later!!"

Two versions, things you use & things you wear have
both versions sectioned out in each of them... wheee!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy! Busy! Busy!

"Mom's going camping this weekend (and she's not taking us!
no fair!!), so we're all going to be busy, busy, busy!!
Mom's working on clothes because it's a medieval reenactment.
But my other younger mom who's been in Savannah with her 
Girl Scout troop is coming home Saturday night!!  Yay!!"

 "Right, whatever.  So long as I get fed, I'm not worried!"
"This is mom.  We are staying out of her way!!
She said something about already having the T-shirt
but we don't remember it coming here.
We must have been sleeping."

Two Late Contestants!!

"What's that??  Oh!!  It looks like a couple of new contestants in the First Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!  We have two pictures from Fiona & Harry that we're posting as well   Enjoy!!"

Samantha & Clementine!

"Now Harry & Fiona!  If you hurry hurry hurry (like you are chasing a mousie!) and we see it before 1500 CST we'll post it here!"

"Harry & Fiona!"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sleeping Contest Contestants on One Page!!

"We've had a request to have all of the contestants who have sent in their pictures via url in comments already to be placed in one post.  Ergo, for all of you, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Horde is proud to present..."

Whippy Curl Tails!
Admiral Hestorb!
Katnip Lounge!
Katz and Other Tales!
Marg's Pets!
Sweet Praline!
The Paw Relations!
According to Jimbo!
Manx Mnews!
Our Life by Eric & Flynn!
Samantha & Clementine!
also go to the next post to see pictures of Harry & Fiona! (pssst! Samantha & Clementine's linkee is the same as the one here)

 "We think that that is everycat that has sent in entries.  If you have a sleepy picture and we haven't posted it (Halle! Calle! Sukki!  We know we've seen you gorgeous ladies sleeping!!  kisskiss!!), please please put it in the comments so we can edit this postie!!
Everycat needs to put their votes in neow!!"

Monday, July 26, 2010

Time to Vote!! Sleeping Contest Categories!!

"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde would like to welcome everycat to their First Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest.  Here are the rules.  We will give you seven categories plus one special category which doesn't involve sleeping.  Your job, regardless of whether or not you choose to accept it... oh wait, that's something else.  Ahem.  Everycat will reply with their vote(s) for as many categories as they please (after all we are cats!).  The cat with the most votes in each category wins.  The winner will contact us and will choose their own award graphic!!  Now onto the categories!!  May the best cat win!!"

"The first category is Synchronized Sleeping!
Two or more cats sleeping together in harmony.
This can be either cuddled up or in the same position."

"Comely Catnapping!
This is one of the basic cat sleeping positions.
We learn it at our mother's paws."

"Delightful Dozing!
Most of us find this easiest to do on mom or dad's pillows.
After all, they smell like them and are soft to boot!!"

"Splendid Slumbering
Curled up into a ball... ahhhhhh so comfy.
You don't have to be curled up,
just as long as you are slumbering splendidly."

"Luscious Lounging
It's hard not to look luscious when you're lounging!
No pictures please!!"

"Tantalizing Tummies
How can anycat resist?!?  Seriously.  It's a tummy!!"

"Resplendent Resting
So many of us can sleep with our heads up...
after all, who knows when a mousie or
other treat might come along!!"

"This is our special category!!  Cuteness Exercises!!
They are tremendously important!!
Everycat must do them everyday!!"

"Now you know the categories to vote on, you'll find entries sc-cat-tered throughout the comments to our posts from the last week as well as your fellow voters.
We look forward to seeing everycat's vote!!!"

"Mom was singing with the HHS Alumni Choir all weekend.  This is comprised of people who were in the Varsity Choir directed by Joe Giles at the high school both she and her husband attended.  They had a great time but it was hard work having to sing choral music again after... years.  So we're lounging gracefully for them!!"

You can now find everycat who entered HERE! 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh Noes!! Mom's Pulling Out Her Hair Again!!

"Ow!  Mom is pulling out her hair again!  I think it has something to do with the camera batteries going kablewy and losing our pictures again!  This is frustrating because mom got some really good ones this time of the new kitchen and everything!"

"I've been doing my best to help out by making mom take naps and sleeping really really hard at night.  I am not doing it just to make Star jealous.  And I am not answering to Star's name.  Just saying.  ::gives best innocent look::"

Wow!!  There are some really great sleepers out there!!"Mom spoke to her friend last night.  They still have no news on her friend's ex-husband's cause of death.  Today is their children's birthday.  No, they are not twins!  The son is older than the daughter (even if she did produce a grandchild first!).  She hadn't heard yet about the kid's grandfather and how his surgery had done.  The children's late father will be cremated per his wishes and any ceremonies will be
held in a couple of weeks"

 "Because of mom's friend's ex-husband (boy that gets confusing!) passing away so suddenly, we've been having to look at the sleeping contestants Catch as Cat Can.  Plus mom has been working on finishing up the kitchen so our food bowls will stay in one place and not move around.  ::closes eyes & twitches ears::  (Mom should give us our own computer account like the young mom & dad have!!  It's not fair!!)  Anyway, as we do, we've been leaving messages about the Cool Cats that we've seen."

"So you, yes you (even you in the back, I know, you think I can't see you because you're scrunched down behind the guy in the blue sweater but don't be fooled!  bwahahahahahahaha!), are being given an extension!  That's right.  Because we haven't had enough time to really look properly, you now have until Monday midnight (because everycat knows that it's not the Witching Hour, it's the Twitching Hour, when we all twitch our ears about making decisions.  So, you still have a chance to put up a picture if you haven't already!!  Our next post will be the place to give us your votes for Catnapping Cats & what Cat-agories where you think they fit!  Things like Synchronized Sleeping, Coordinated Catnapping, and so on.  Keep a thesaurus & rhyming dictionary handy (or bookmarked on your computer! and I'm sure you'll do fine!)  ::grin::  We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde"
"There's a reason we made this bumper snicker"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Death in a Friend's Family

One of my best friend's son went over to his dad's house today because they hadn't heard from him in a few days.  He was found dead and had obviously been dead for a few days.  The coroner is there now.  She and her daughter were en route as I spoke to her.  Both children have partners and infants and all of them live with their mother because of their economic situation.  So this is a major stresser.  Add to that their dad's father is due to have surgery tomorrow, and having his son found dead is not likely to help his recovery.

Their dad lived in the country and had a cat and a dog who will need good loving forever homes.  He lived in Nashville, TN.  Once she can get me pictures I will post them here.  Candles, prayers, energy, etcetera are extremely appreciated.  Turnia has health issues of her own, although some of them are getting better.  She asked me to let you folx know, and said that spreading the prayer/energy request would be a blessing.  Thanks... I'm off to go get a prescribed massage... which is a Good Thing, since it's likely I'll be called on frequently over the next week or so.

Mister Kitten!

"Zaphy here with a super special report!(Me-om! Why do I have to sound so formal?)Mister Kitten put Mom to sleep leaving me and my young Mommy to update you on our adventures yesterday.
Let me tell you it was not fun."
Yesterday, I went out and had my Senior pictures done. Of course I had to have Zaphy in one set. He is my cat after all. I wanted to mess with people's heads and thus had him on the leash.("I'm never wearing that thing again....ever!")....It didn't go as planned as he protested against the leash...However it was fun.("Are you insane, Mom?")No. First I had my formal pictures done and than my first set of casual pictures alone. At which time Zaphy attempted to get out of his leash for the second time and scratched me enough to draw blood.("Me-om! It was an accident!")Uh....After that I went and got into my kimono which I was using for my set with Zaphy since he is an Oriental cat. After that we took a set with me in front of bamboo. We discovered it would have been better for all if we had just let Zaphy sit on my lap or beside me.("Of course, Mom.")Oh well....At least that's over and done with.("Yes! Freedom! No leash!")Zaphy's very happy about this.
Signing off.
Me and my Young Mommy!

"See?  This is what I was doing!!  Mom should get a food bowl just for me!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

We Haven't Forgotten!! We've Just Been Busy!!

"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde would like
you to know that you haven't been forgotten!!
This weekend mom & dad have been working in the kitchen."

 "You can see part of it here where mom
has moved our food bowls back in...
well except for mine which is in her bathroom.
That's because I'm getting a smaller bit food...
she said it was because of my longer hair."

"Anyway, mom's got a my-grain, so she hasn't been able
to look at everyone's entries in our sleeping competition yet.
She told me to tell you that this competition will end on Friday.
That way everycat has a chance to enter (or put in another entry!)"
We're looking forward to seeing all of them!!!"

"We did this all weekend.  Mom says we should buy her a shirt.
We told her we didn't have a job... well... except for looking cute!!"

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Sleeping Contest...

 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Horde says, "Mom figured out what the problem was with the camera (or we think she did).  It was a bad cord.  Bad cord!  NoooOOOooo biscuit!  So we made her take a buncha pictures of us having a sleeping contest!  We would like to see all of your best sleeping poses as well!    Once you have put up your pictures, post it in the comments.  We'll put up all of the contestents in another post and let everycat look at them and vote on which one they think is the best!  The first three winners will get a
Super Special Graphic made by mom!!"

 "See how cute I am?  I have my paw tucked under
the quilt while I lay down next to mom."

 "I like to sleep with my head up.  Dad can't figure out how I do it!"

"Mister Kitten and I are the best Sleeping Cats!!
We told mom that we need to have two pics!!"

"See!  What did I say about my other picture?  ::grin::"

 "I was hiding my eyes from everycat in this picture!"

"I learned how to do this from the young
mom & dad here at the house."

"We linked this to the page that goes to the
clothes section & the everything else section .
Now mom is nodding off so we're going to make her take a nap."

BTW if you love most excellent Science Fiction, I must reccomend that you read the Liaden series by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.  Each book can stand alone but together?  Oh man.  There's a *reason* I've read each book (exept the two I've gotten recently) at least five times!!  These books rock!  And there is a contest wherein IF you haven't read (cross your heart) this series, you could win an electronic copy of an omnibus of the first three books.  Go here.  Go now.  You know you want to.  I'll wait.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh No! Mom Lost My Picture!!!

"I'm so upset!!  Mom lost the picture of me with my other mom after she got her braces off yesterday.  ::sigh::  Something messed up with the camera.  I guess I'll have to wait until Tuesday.  ::pout::"

"I got a picture with my other dad!!  It's not as good as the other picture of me with him without his braces
(he got his off on Monday) but it's pretty.  We're all excited!!"

"Harumph!!  I think you need to go on a diet or
start exercising more!!"

 "We also lost the picture of all of us sleeping in a
compass pose last night!!!  Mom is sad about it."

We just put this one up because we like it.  Don't tell mom!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Our mom has been worried about those green papers.
We've been worried about those Pernicious Fleas again.
Mom put the icky icky pooh pooh stuff
between our shoulders and they got better.
She sprayed the floors with some weird spray
and wouldn't let us in the house.
But there are still some Pernicious Fleas around,
not as many though."

 "So since mom is having a fibro flare we are
practicing hanging around her
to make her feel better because the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde
is good at that."


"We're hoping that Zaphy's other mom's & my other dad's dad finds a new job soon because that will help with the green papers.
Mom is thinking about doing another section of Cats for the store based on us and name it Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.
Would anyone be interested?  If so, she'll do up some samples and throw them up on our blog."


"See!  I'm working on being a Sleeping Cat!"