Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Audrey Is Doing Today

"I'm feeling better this morning but I didn't want to write until after mean ole' mommy had given me my meds and taken my temperature.  My temperature is down to 102.8!  I'm purring and wanting mom and everyone to pet and love on me and boy oh boy do I want OUT of the bedroom!!  But mean ole' mommy won't let me out until I use the kitty litter.  Mean ole' mommy!!  She's about to force me to drink water!!  She knows I drank some out of the toilet (and daddy went ick ick ick!!) but she hasn't seen me drink out of the bowl.  She's going to bring in one of the fountains to see if that helps encourage me."

"I want to thank everycat and their Feeders who sent me purrs and prayers!!  I and my Feeders think that's why I got to feeling better SO quickly.  Trust me, it had nothing to do with those shots that Dr. Alexander made me take!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

 "Mom put this fountain into her bathroom, so I had real water!! 
I drank tons and tons and tons!!"