Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Don't We All Just Nap Now

I spent half the day in Nashville (major city half an hour to forty-five minutes away from us) going to see my orthopedist.  Okay, I'll admit it, we also stopped off to see my mother, but that wasn't as long of a visit.  It did give us a chance to see Miss Kitty (in case you might be wondering, yes, this is where Mister Kitten's name came from).  Miss Kitty is my brother David's cat.  But she can't live with my brother David because there is a ::shudder:: dog at his house (there have been other reasons before that... college, roommate's cats... and so on).  Miss Kitty is a Delicate Kitty of the South ::paw to forehead:: who is now about 15-16 years old (don't quote me!!).

Miss Kitty was rescued from underneath a local school building (our parents are both retired teachers) at the instigation of my brother David.  She was quite skittish and quickly became David's Cat.  Over the years she has deigned to permit feeding by my mother and dad, and now she has mellowed to the point of even allowing some petting from people other than David (read primarily my mother & dad, although other members of the family have been granted permission as well).  Miss Kitty is a delicate black & white long-hair.  She is absolutely gorgeous, assuming that you get a chance to see her. 

This has become a wee bit easier in the past year since she began sleeping in front of the living room heater.  It sits beside the couch and there is a comfy chair in front of it, making a neat corner.   Mother has put down a soft soft pillow and Miss Kitty lays herself down like a Victorian lady on a fainting couch.  It's sad for me in one way, to see her fading away, but on the other, so nice to see a cat who could have been left alone have such a wonderful loving home (and having been spayed!!  sorry... whole family are sticklers about that!).

Once I got home, I had a phone call to make, and then one last therapist to see (discharge day!  whoot!).  But it was sooooo exhausting that Mister Kitten and Star put me to sleep.  No!  Really!!  I didn't want to go to sleep.  Nah-uh.  They made me take that nap!!  I woke up when my husband got home to see Zaphoid laying on top of me, which never happens, so I know it was a catspiracy!!