Saturday, May 15, 2010

If a Bird in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush...

... how much is a bird in the kitchen worth??  Yesterday dad woke up to a bird in the kitchen.  It was a full-grown bird who ran right into the closed window when dad came into the kitchen.  Dad went and got a blanket and managed to catch it in the sink.  He went to the front door and released it outside.  Dad noticed where we'd gotten it on one wing but our new toy was okay and flew away.  We're not sure why dad took our toy away.

"Did it go that way??"

We're all very good hunters and mom & dad don't mind when we hunt things that come into the house by themselves.  Any mousies that try to eat our stuff had better beware!!  We find them and leave them for mom & dad so they know how much we love them.  (But for some reason they don't give us treats!!  We think they should give us treats for doing that!!)

"Christopher taught us everything we know about hunting!"

Our yard is full of birds.  We like that.  Mom doesn't know why there are so many birds around.  She doesn't know all of the different kinds we have.  We know that there are blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, and finches.  Mom won't put out bird baths or catfeeders (that's what she calls birdfeeders) because she says we have enough toys as it is!!  There is a tree out front that has a squirrel who taunts us.  More squirrels live out back.  Behind our backyard there is a biiiiiig field where a farmer grows hay.  Sometimes we find voles to bring home to mom.  But she makes us take our toys outside.

"We brought in more toys when Mister Kitten
was a baby to try to teach him how to hunt."

Mister Kitten didn't join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde until we moved into our new house.  So he is the only one of us who wasn't trained to hunt by Christopher.  Chris taught us that you should never ever ever put your presents where mom or dad will step on it.  Not only does it make mom or dad yell but it might make mom fall down.  You don't want mom to fall down.  Then she hurts.  We are good Nurse Cats so we try to keep everyone in the house as healthy as possible.  That means making sure they don't overdo and take lots and lots of naps.  Sometimes we put our heads on mom's hand when she's on the computer to tell her it's time to stop.

"Time to stop mom!!"

"Mom would rather we use a pet bowl"