Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday & Sooty Saturday

Friday "Mom.  Now that you've gone to the fabric store sale,
you need to rest.  Neow!!"

 Friday "Ummmm, mom??  Star said rest...
not play with thing with mousie and fun tappy things."

Saturday  "Calling all cats!  Calling all Cats!!  If your feeder spent all day shopping yesterday it is imperative that you make them sleep today!!  My personal favorite is to lay across their ankles.  ::weg::"

Saturday  "I like just flopping over both their legs.  But then I weigh about 16# and I can use my Sekret Specel Ninja Kitty Powers to make myself weigh more and more and more and more and more..."

"We love our mom... hmmmm...
maybe we should get her a cup or mug?"