Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mommy is Worried.

"Mom is still worried about me.  My bottom spot feels good but the top spot is still a bit worrisome.  And she got bad ne-ows yesterday from the disability people.  They turned mom down so she'll have to appeal.  ::sigh::  And mom's kitten's dad is still looking for a job.  If I still don't look good by Monday mom will have to call the vet again which will mean putting it on the card.  Jefner stayed home instead of going to visit her daddy this weekend because of something called 'homework'.  But I haven't seen her clean anything!  All she's done is read things and type stuff.  But I did get some treats last night,
even if mom had to pill me again.  meh!"

"Hey!!  Why didn't you give me more treats last night?!?"
You were on the table, Thomas.
"But I liiiiiike the table!!"
::sigh:: "Yes, me-om"

::sigh:: "Mom is always saying this!"