Monday, December 7, 2009

What? What??

So this morning my mom and I were talking about the two New Year's cats that I'm gong to be putting up, a blank and an invitation.  While we were talking she happened to mention that while she really really liked the cards that she'd ordered, what she actually wanted was to have the message on the inside to say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year".  She did suppose that I could do that, could I?  ::rolls eyes::  Now it says on the front page that I have no problem changing things if someone wants/needs that, right??

So now there is a What? What?? E that says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... for my mom.  My weekends and part of my upcoming weeks will be full.  (Gee, can't imagine why at Holiday time!!).  I'm going to be invaded by a gaggle of Latin student girls Friday or Saturday as they put together a Saturnalia project that is due the following Monday.  Primarily costumes as I understand it and as I did somewhere between 25 and 30odd plays for my dad when he taught AP History & Drama before he retired, heh, guess who will be stuck helping them out?  ::grin::  I don't mind.  While my primary interest in historical costume is medieval, I'm familiar with most periods of historical costume, I've been doing it since I developed an interest when I was 11.

The cats prefer to stay on my side of the bed when they can.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that we have one of those two sided mattress pads?  The control thing doesn't work on my husband's side (which bothers him not at all) but my side... well... "Ah'm a del-ah-cate fl-aour of tha South"... I have to stay warm.  It automatically turns off after awhile but still.... ::grin::