Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hey Mom! Why Is There a Towel on the Bed??

 "Seriously, she does look just like you!"

 "Hmmmm, I guess you're right."

 "I wonder if she likes playing?  MOM!  We're gonna need more toys!!"

 "And don't forget to get another litterbox... oh, and get a new water fountain too!  What green papers??  We don't need no stinking green papers!!  Ooookay, just make sure you get her GREENIES!!!
(so we can snitch some)"

"We're all taking turns lounging on the towel mom slept with
last night so Sparkles will know what we smell like when
mom & dad go to pick her up on Saturday!!  We can't wait!!
We've been talking about it ever since mom gave us the news!!!"