Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NOOOO!!! The Mom is down! Call in the purrs!

Jennifer here! The Mom is down! The Mom is down! Back pain and general blehness have her bed bound (Or at least as much as I and the cats can keep her there!). Purrs needed! We're all hoping she's not getting sick (I almost always get sick if she does so yeah...). Send in the purrs!
(Seriously! School is not a happy thing right now!)


 We're even thinking of going into the pool!
I mean this is the heat that like all the cat's go asleep and I have a stupid bus that isn't coming until 3:44 and school gets out at 3:10 yesterday I had to call Mom because I couldn't take the heat and I had to call her today at 3:30 because of the heat. The bus was on time almost every day last year. Start of the new school year and it hasn't come on time for any full day once! Seriously! Not fun! Oh! I had Psychology Honors today! It was fun! I liked it a lot! Highlight of my day!.....Oh right this is Jennifer A.K.A. Artemis A.K.A. Serena Night! Thanks for the Happy Birthday/Purrdays yesterday everyone!  Umm....yeah.......That's all I can think of.
(This is what the heat does to you! It makes you want to kill it! Kill it dead! And this is why I called Mom)