Friday, December 4, 2009

New Cards in Kats Kards

I've put in some more pet sitters thank you cards as well as some more miss you cards.  I think that's all... now off to look for Christmas'y gloves & a scarf for my son!!

Son in Concert

My son, who is in both the non-audition choir as well as the audition choir at his middle school, was in a concert last night.  It was to honor those who passed away in the last year.  We had a tornado this year which hit about two blocks away from us.  Some of the children in the group lost friends.  I remember my children getting off of the bus after the first ride and telling me the names of the kids who were no longer on their bus, the houses hit.  There was one house where a mother, her husband, and their six month old baby were all lost.  The entire house was gone.  There is still a memorial there.

On the Christmas tree at the memorial there were ornaments with the names of everyone whose name was called out.  I was talking to the director as one of the children came up so excited that he got the ornament with his best friends name on it.  Life and death.

He will also be at the Christmas Tree lighting tonight.  Life and death.  I think the cats understood.  They all snuggled up to us last night.