Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Thomas, You Have to Wait...

When it's treat time every cat in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde knows.  Now Thomas is the dominant cat in the pride.  So naturally he thinks that a) he should get treats first and b) he should mug me.  I find this behavior unacceptable because a) it's not always his turn to get treats first and b) he needs to learn not to put his face in my face when it's treat time.  Thus, I have been teaching Thomas not to do this.  How, you ask?  muahahahahahahahahahaha!

When each of da boys comes up to get treats, if they get too close, they get one of two commands.  Either, "sit" or "wait".  If Thomas doesn't "wait" then a) he gets shoved back and his nose tapped and b) he has to wait until everyone else gets treats.  Thomas doesn't like this.  Too bad, so sad.  Should it happen that Thomas is the only cat in the room and he is getting treats he still gets the "wait" command.  I also use "back" or "sit".  Da boys are quite smart and 'speak' quite a bit of English.

For instance, if they start yelling at us, we look at them and say, "show me".  They immediately go either to their food bowls, to the door, or wrap themselves around our legs (the latter meaning "pick me up neow and love on me!!"  Thus Thomas is getting "wait" when he's mugging me for treats.  He's starting to get the picture.  No treats unless you behave.  Everyone else has already caught on.  Mister Stubborn may take awhile.

Maybe I should switch to German.  No one else in the family uses it but I have a tendency to shake my finger at da boys and say "tu das nicht!"  It's amazing how well they understand me when I talk to them in German!  I don't remember much of it even though I minored in it in college (and two & a half years in high school!) but I have enough to let them know what for!!

BTW I'm still waiting for the router!  And I had to go buy a coaxial cable yesterday because a mysterious person managed to tear apart the one connecting my modem to my cable.  ::narrows eyes::  The Shadow knows who did it.

large mug... once I get the laptop back online I'm thinking about changing the shop
around so that the mugs & such are in one section, shirts in another, etc.
but I'll need names for the sections... suggestions??