Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where Have You Boys Been All Day?!

Monday the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde were not often to be seen.  Now part of this may have been due to the pre-teen in the house (Little Jen is 11, almost 12) who is not normally here.  Part of this might have been due to the kids' honorary cousins dropping by so that their dad could go pick up a few prescriptions for me (Abby just turned 4 and her brother Max is 8).  Part of it may have just been due to the weather.  But the gist is that I wasn't even mobbed in the morning for treats!!!  Wait!  I've got it!!  It was the three children staying up all night Sunday night!!  I'm typing this Monday night to go up Tuesday morning early Just In Case.  Oh!  And we managed to get the pool cover off with the three kids & two adults & Star supervising.  Whoot!! (much easier to exercise the new knees in the pool... and Da Boys will be supervising that as well!!)

"Ummm, mom?  Can I stay out tonight??"

"I love this star blanket... never get rid of it mom!!"

"::sigh::  It's true.  I am Emo Kitty."

"Fear not.  For I am the Ninja Kitty.
And all of your files are mine.  muahahahahaha!"

"Well, someone has to do it!!"
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